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Charlie Sheen Wins Court Ruling To Stop Paying Child Support To Denise Richards

Denise Richards is arguably one of the wackiest characters Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has ever seen. She’s known for her raggamuffin hairdo, her penchant for happy endings, and she can’t resist a good steak dinner in a strip club. The actress has been a tabloid mainstay since the 2000s, mainly due to her tumultuous relationship with Charlie Sheen. Remember those days? It feels like a whole other lifetime.

Denise has been through the WRINGER with Charlie. If you thought Season 10 of RHOBH was rough for her, just look back at this marriage. But she’s always been calm, cool, and collected. Even if Charlie is bringing sex workers to family holidays. While things between the parents seemed amicable enough, a new court ruling might ruffle the Raggamuffin’s feathers.

Page Six reports that Charlie was granted a request to stop paying Denise child support for his two daughters, Sami and Lola. Sami has recently complained of living in an abusive household and allegedly has moved in with her dad full time. Charlie claims that both of his children have been living with him full-time, but a “source” told People that Charlie and Denise split custody of Lola. Where is the truth?? Sutton Stracke, we need your sleuthing skills to get to the bottom of this.

Charlie believes the judge’s decision this week was “fair”. He allegedly first filed the request to change payments back in 2019. Denise apparently didn’t file any paperwork in opposition. She wasn’t present in court, with another “source” claiming it was because she’s out of town on business, which Charlie was aware of. There are also claims that Charlie is “manipulating the situation” and “pitting the girls against their mother.”


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Denise was never served this court date. [Charlie] did this on purpose,” the insider said. The same source (Aaron Phypers?) claims that Charlie owes Denise “at least” four years of child support prior to the hearing.  They added that Denise was asking Charlie in the past when the court date would be scheduled, but he “blew her off.” But another “source” told People that the former RHOBH star was “blindsided.” Even though a different insider claims Denise knew for 6 months that the hearing was happening.

Charlie, who always has such a unique way with words, had a response to Denise’s claims that she was caught off guard. He said that his ex should “go down to the courthouse and complain to the judge,” Page Six reports. Denise has publicly complained that Charlie hasn’t paid child support in the past, so this has to be another punch to the gut. Someone get this woman a stiff glass of Casamigos. She obviously could use it.


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