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Denise Richards Says “Never Say Never” To A Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Return

Last season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills featured a cast gang up on Denise Richards. Denise’s co-stars confronted her about an alleged sexual encounter with RHOBH alum Brandi Glanville. Denise denied that she hooked up with Brandi.

She even sent cease and desist letters to some of her co-stars. Lisa Rinna, who was supposedly friends with Denise for 20 years, slammed her as as “a phony.” When Denise announced that she was leaving RHOBH, it wasn’t a surprise.

One cast member, Garcelle Beauvais, stayed “Team Denise Richards the entire time. In September of 2020, Denise appeared on the talk show The Real, which Garcelle co-hosts. Denise told Garcelle, “I truly could not have gotten through the season without you, honestly.”

Garcelle wasn’t about to let Rinna off the hook for the horrible way that she treated Denise. Then Rinna equated turning her back on Denise to her husband, Harry Hamlin, ending his friendship with a man who supposedly raped someone. We need a course on analogies for the Housewives. Just saying.


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And this season is all about Erika Jayne, and how her ex, Tom Girardi, allegedly took $26 million dollars in settlement money that belonged to his clients. Now Erika is being sued for $25 million dollars by the trustee who is handling the Girardi Keese bankruptcy case. The trustee is alleging that Erika was aware that money from Tom’s law firm was funding her expensive lifestyle. Sutton Stracke would like a word, Erika.

And Garcelle has some questions for Rinna about why she treated Erika with kid gloves while she destroyed Denise last season. “Some of them knew Denise longer than Erika, so I don’t get it either,” Garcelle stated. “That’s really baffling to me is how come they believe Erika right out the gate and they never believed Denise?”

Rinna tried to fake “owning it” by saying, “I’m closer with Erika than I’ve been with anybody in this circle. I’m way closer to Erika than I ever was to Denise Richards.” Say what now? What happened to 20 years of friendship?

When Garcelle was a guest on Watch What Happens Live she delivered a shady tease. Host Andy Cohen asked Garcelle if she was still friends with Denise. “I am and I think she wants to come back,” Garcelle shared. “Somebody’s gotta go though.” Maybe Rinna should revamp her resume.


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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Denise discussed this season of RHOBH. “I just started watching the last couple of episodes,” Denise said. She noted that her name often pops up on the show.

“I am going to ask them, ‘Do I get paid for every time my name comes up?'” the actress quipped.

“You know, I really did enjoy working on the show. I hate to even say working on it,” Denise remarked. “I liked being a part of the show, and I had fun with most of the women, not all!”

So, would Denise ever pick up a diamond again and re-join the franchise? “You know, I always say ‘never say never.’ It feels like they have real-life stuff, you know?” she commented. “Real-life stuff going on this season.” I’m sure that Erika agrees.

“I think that they couldn’t not talk about some of the things that’s going on,” Denise said, alluding to Erika’s legal issues and divorce. “I mean, it’s very public, and I know that’s a very difficult situation, I would imagine too.”


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