Countess Luann de Lesseps Reacts To Sonja Morgan Starting Her Own Cabaret Show

Countess Luann de Lesseps may have been the first Real Housewives of New York to have a cabaret, but Sonja Morgan has been get tipsy and putting on a show long before Bravo cameras made them both famous.

Of course, Luann was the wiser for presenting herself as a stage performer, rather than a pop star.  That seems to be more her forte than just relying on her mediocre voice.  And marketing was never Sonja’s strong suit, but after Luann’s success onstage, she decided to give it a go too.

Sonja made a few guest appearances on Luann’s show.  It was quite delightful, actually.  But she and Luann got into conflict after the issue of payment came up.  It led to a huge fight at the Bluestone Manor, during which Luann’s ego got the best of her.

Sonja was left in tears, and the topic of guest appearances and stage performance was avoided for some time.  Perhaps Sonja was preparing this new venture behind the scenes for awhile now. Either way, she announced the act over the summer and is preparing to go live.

RHONY fans were curious as to how Luann would react to competition from her friend.  Well, she has finally responded.  During an appearance on Nightly Pop, the countess shared her feelings about Sonja’s new venture.

The host asked Luann, “when you first started a cabaret, everyone made fun of you.  Especially on your cast.  Like it was supposed to be a joke.  Now, Sonja has a cabaret show that she’s doing.  What are our feelings about this?”


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“Well you know, Sonja’s a character, she’s a great friend,” Luann responded, “and I wish her all the best.”

A safe response, but the host went in a little deeper.  “Is that ‘the best’ with a asterick?” she asked.  Luann joked, “it’s ‘the best’ with an asterick.”  Luann then referenced the rapport she has with the host. “She knows how to read me,” Luann added.

Well, we are none the wiser then.  Luann, in her witty way, has answered the question but still left questions about her sincerity.  I’d like to believe that she is truly happy for her friend.  And Luann has the comfort of knowing that her show is well-established.  While Sonja has yet to prove herself onstage.  Not only that, but Sonja’s track record with the longevity of any of her business ventures leaves much to be desired.  Perhaps, Luann doesn’t feel that threatened right now and can, therefore, wish her friend well.  Even if it may be a little tongue in cheek.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]