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Dorinda Medley Says She “Took It Too Far” During Fight Luann de Lesseps In The Berkshires; Describes Real Housewives Of New York As “Horrible Day Drinkers”

Never a dull moment with the Real Housewives of New York ladies. They’ve picked it up after their recently low ratings. If you missed the latest episode, I highly recommend you stop what you’re doing immediately and get watching. Viewers saw the most recent fight between Luann de Lesseps and Dorinda Medley escalate to new highs. Well, maybe not *so* new. Dorinda did recycle her drunk mugshot line and her Jovani ranting. But anyways. The argument was about whether or not Sonja Morgan should be paid for her time in Lu’s cabaret show. It turned into Lu sobbing while Ramona Singer and Leah McSweeny scoot her into a car to visit a pub. Friends forever!

The episode semi-resolved the issue when everyone woke up and basically admitted they had no idea what happened the night before. Now we’re getting Dorinda’s take after she’s gotten a chance to watch herself back. If you remember, she’s already said it’s been a tough year to watch. Sounds like this week was no exception.

Dorinda dished on her fight with Luann during a recent Watch What Happens Live appearance. According to The Daily DishDorinda said, “I think the reaction was [Luann] to Sonja and then my reaction to Luann regarding Sonja.”

Translation: “I didn’t like that Lu wasn’t paying Sonja for her time.” Reasonable enough. Dorinda continued, “I think that it was just all very emotional and I think we’re horrible day drinkers” Well ya don’t say! 


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When asked if she took it too far this week Dorinda replied quickly with, “Yes! Because I didn’t remember it the next day.” She adds, ”I do remember thinking [Luann] was really attacking Sonja and I feel like Sonja really didn’t deserve that this season because Sonja too was going through a really hard time.” 

Dorinda said,  “And the thing about Sonja is she does really try to help Lu in all ways. Like she’s her ride or die.”


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Even though Dorinda seems to be saying she would have still confronted Lu and stood up for Sonja, drunk or not, she shared, “I felt terrible because Lu and I have come a long way.”

She added, “I was thinking about it, more so than like Ramona, I really think of Lu as a sister relationship. She kind of grew up like me. We can fight and get through it. Lu wants to like move forward. And, you know, that was real. Whereas I feel like a lot of the stuff with Ramona is like, a story.”


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Lol, what? Such a random moment to shit on Ramona. (Speaking of shitting and Ramona…did you hear about her recent feud with Leah and Elyse Slaine?)


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