NeNe Leakes Allegedly ‘Tried To Choke’ Kim Zolciak-Biermann In A Target Parking Lot While Filming RHOA

It’s safe to say that NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak-Biermann have had the most dynamic feud in the history of The Real Housewives. The early seasons of The Real Housewives of Atlanta were characterized by their back-and-forth squabbling. Every time it seemed like their friendship could move into a good place, something would jeopardize it, and the cycle of shade would start over again. But according to a story in the new book, Not All Diamonds and Rosé: The Inside Story of The Real Housewives from the People Who Lived It, an off-camera physical altercation may have created a massive rift between the two frenemies.

Written by Dave Quinn, the latest publication from Andy Cohen’s book imprint is loaded with bombshell revelations about the Housewives universe. Although Kim and NeNe both declined to participate in interviews for the book, Shereé Whitfield volunteered to throw shade and spill tea about her fellow OG castmates.

As initially reported by People, one of the book’s most shocking RHOA tales describes a physical altercation between NeNe and Kim that happened while they were filming season 2. The She by Shereé CEO claims to have witnessed it firsthand. Plus, the story is backed up by veteran reality television producer Carlos King, who has been on the front lines of some of the most notorious reality TV moments in history.

“The arguments between Kim and NeNe were always next level. All season 2, they went back and forth, fighting and making up,” Carlos says in the book. “Then there was an incident that happened off-camera where NeNe allegedly tried to choke Kim in a Target parking lot.”

Shereé says that she was there in the Target parking lot and saw everything go down. According to Sheree, “They were at Atlantic Station. Kim and NeNe were waiting to film a scene shopping at a boutique. But NeNe was upset because Kim had supposedly been talking about her behind her back at the A-List Awards.”


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Then, Shereé claims that NeNe went to confront Kim and allegedly started to choke her. “They started arguing, and NeNe went for Kim’s neck and was choking her. She lunged at her twice. Kim ended up calling the police but dropped the charges. The cameras were inside the store, so they missed the whole thing.”

Now, this whole story is wild, and the fact that they didn’t catch it on camera is truly maddening. However, this scenario sounds a whole lot like what Porsha Williams was talking about a few years ago at the season 8 RHOA reunion.

Porsha was in the hot seat for getting into a physical altercation with a friend outside of the Christmas-themed finale party. This was the weird Kim Fields season where Porsha also had a physical encounter with Cynthia Bailey during a boat ride. So, NeNe preached to Porsha about her behavior, urging her to stop putting her paws on other people.

NeNe started by saying, “I have been here the longest, and nobody has been criticized more than I have.” She continued to talk about how no matter how much criticism she receives, there’s a line that she doesn’t cross. “As long as you sit here and be in front of the camera, you’re going to be judged. And I’ve not touched anybody,” NeNe proudly proclaimed.

Porsha immediately retorted, “But didn’t you choke somebody?”


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Looking back on NeNe’s response is interesting. She said, “Where was that? Have you seen any footage of it? Now, see, let’s use our brain.” NeNe continued, “Well, first of all, if I have [choked somebody], I bet you I was smart enough to not have it on a camera, but you wasn’t.”

Meanwhile, over on the opposite couch, Shereé was cracking up laughing, amused by the entire exchange. It was almost as if she knew exactly what NeNe and Porsha were referring to.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]