Jennie Nguyen Says She Hasn’t Spoken To Her Extended Family In Almost A Decade After Her Niece Claims She Faked Storylines On Real Housewives

Jennie Nguyen has jumped right into the already established, and oftentimes messy, gang on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. She does NOT get along with Mary Cosby, and that’s not the only commonality she shares with Jen Shah. They’re both ready to pop off on a moment’s notice over problems both trivial and serious, like when Duy Nguyen suggested a sister wife. Jennie was definitely not cool with her husband ambushing her with the question on TV.

Speaking of the sister-wife storyline, Jennie’s niece recently popped off on TikTok about her aunt, the latest RHOSLC snowflake. She claims that Jennie and Duy are faking storylines, about wanting to expand their family and Jennie’s refugee story. The niece says all they care about is money, even accusing Jennie of trying to sue her parents for cash. “She’s milking this whole crazy ‘I came from nothing’ storyline, which is not true at all. These people are so disgusting,” the girl in the video said. They were some lofty allegations, and now Jennie has swooped in to clear the misty mountain air.


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Someone posted the TikTok on Instagram, which prompted Jennie to comment, which was captured by @thetalkofshame. Someone asked her what the situation was all about with her niece. “To be honest, I don’t know,” Jennie wrote. “I haven’t talked or seen them for over 9 years. She wasn’t even born when I was in college struggling.” So it sounds like the girl in the video is, in fact, her niece. And it’s clear there’s some family tension there. But Jennie seems unbothered by the viral claims.

The allegations against Jennie were pretty over-the-top, so who knows if they have merit or not. It wouldn’t be the first time a Real Housewives newbie got too eager to get a storyline. But based on Jennie’s emotions on TV, she seems pretty genuine. Like, you’d have to be pretty evil (or just “blinded” by love like Vicki Gunvalson) to fake health problems as serious as having so many miscarriages (or cancer, Brooks Ayers). I feel as though Jennie is not embellishing her motherhood journey and her cultural expectations to have a big family.


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