Kelly Dodd And Rick Leventhal Slammed For Dressing Up As Alec Baldwin With A Gun After Fatal Shooting On Movie Set

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — I truly hate every time I find myself writing about Kelly Dodd. The Real Housewives of Orange County alum is an embarrassment to Bravo, to say the least. She’s crass, controversial, and oh so offensive, but in her own particularly cruel way. I hate giving her any ounce of attention she’s clearly desperate for — especially now that she’s fired and really hurting for some publicity. But when I laid my eyes on what Kelly and her husband Rick Leventhal decided to wear for Halloween, I cracked my knuckles and bellied up to the keyboard. It’s so particularly foul that I want absolutely everyone to see it and act accordingly. If you’re one of Kelly’s remaining fans, this particularly grotesque incident might be enough to take you away from the dark side. If not, I don’t know what else I can say to sway you. 

@LoveAndyC on Twitter captured a screenshot of Rick’s Instagram that truly shows off his horrific costume. Thankfully there are fan accounts to keep me up to date on all the nonsense about Kelly, as she and her hubby have me blocked from their entire corner of the internet. First, we have Kelly’s costume, which is a Native American-inspired look that is almost exactly the same costume as the one Kenya Moore got slammed for last year. As if the cultural appropriation wasn’t enough, Rick decided to take a downright heartbreaking story in the news and make a tone-deaf joke about it with his costume. These two are really meant for one another.

In the caption, Rick said he dressed up as “great American film actor Alec Baldwin.” He wore a cowboy outfit paired with a gun. The costume comes just after Alec has been in the news for the deadly incident that occurred on the set of his film Rust. Alec accidentally shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins with a prop gun. Yes, Rick saw this story that is absolutely gut-wrenching on all sides and decided it’d be a great way to celebrate the holiday. I wonder (or more accurately, fear) what it’s like to live in Rick and Kelly’s absolutely unhinged minds. It must be a miserable place.

Unsurprisingly, the internet exploded in outrage over the stunt. One person on Twitter pointed out that the stunt was their below-the-belt attempt at trolling for outrage, and encouraged followers to not “take the bait.” I couldn’t agree more. One former fan of Kelly’s explained their own lapse in judgment for previously supporting her. “I’m sure the family of the lady that died would think this is so classy,” the user wrote. Another fan responded, “Trying to imagine what I would think if my loved one was killed in a horrifying accident at their job site only to see two people turn that into their Halloween costume.” Truly. Rick could have just dressed as a regular cowboy without being a total moron about it.  Again, I cannot fathom what it’s like to take such drastic measures in an attempt to grasp on to relevancy.


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Alec Baldwin has spoken out (via NY Postabout the incident and his own shock. “A woman died. She was my friend,” Alec said. It’s horrible to think about how the accident has impacted the friends and family of Halyna. But it’s also sad to think of what Alec will have to live with for the rest of his life. And it makes Rick’s costume that much worse. “This is horrifying. I don’t actually know Alec Baldwin, but he’s gotta live with the fact he didn’t check the gun himself, forever. It’s cruel and cold to poke fun at him,” another fan wrote on Twitter. It seems like the internet can agree that every part of the costume is “disgusting,” as one user said.

Kelly has championed herself for being unfiltered and unafraid to make jokes that don’t even come close to political correctness. But this is a new level of low, even for her. “Wow. Whoever said have a sense of humor might have a twisted sense of humor herself,” a fan wrote, summing it up perfectly. If you’re still skeptical of whether or not Kelly has shown us her true colors, there should be no lingering questions after this stunt. 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]