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Lala Kent Reportedly Moved Out Of The Home She Shared With Randall Emmett

The supposed demise of Lala Kent and Randall Emmett has been become an ongoing game of speculation.  Neither side confirmed if the engagement was off, or if they were trying to work things out, yet all the signs are pointing to a dissolution of their relationship.

Except that they are still participating in a money-making venture together, their podcast.  Well, both parties are going to need the cash.  Lala is potentially out house-hunting as you read this article, and Randall claimed he was close to bankruptcy in recent child-support hearings.  His ex-wife Ambyr Childers was filing for an increase in monthly obligations, which was denied in court.

Lala moved out of the home she shared with Randall and into the Beverly Hills Hotel with their daughter Ocean Emmett after news of the infidelity broke.  She had taken off her engagement ring, but had yet to confirm that the betrothal was off.

Fast-forward and not much has changed.  For two people who put their lives out on display for a Bravo paycheck, their secrecy now is quite a contrast. TMZ took the liberty of reporting the engagement nullified, though Lala herself still hasn’t confirmed anything.


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Sources on both sides supposedly said that the three-year engagement was over.  Not only that, but Lala has “completely” moved out of the family home.  Had they been trying to work things out, as TMZ previously reported, it didn’t seem Lala was on board with it. The former Sur waitress previously revealed that she could manage just fine “with or without a man,” so who would think that she should stick around after such a betrayal.  However, sources did confirm that forgiving Randall was not an option.

It’s a poignant ending to an engagement that was proposed in a club.  Randall and Lala certainly enjoyed sharing their lives on Vanderpump Rules.  Ah, the memories of that Range Rover.  Lala excitement to fly PJ.  How will the breakup affect their casting?

All snarking aside, it’s never happy news when parents can’t make it work.  But Lala seems like she’s got the mama thing down and despite this drama, will continue to be a great parent to Ocean.


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