Randall Emmett Is Reportedly Trying To Win Lala Kent Back Amidst Rumored Split

Despite neither Lala Kent nor Randall Emmett officially commenting on the status of their relationship, the rumors persist that Lala has broken off her engagement. The Vanderpump Rules star has scrubbed all photos of Rand off her Instagram, been spotted without her engagement ring, and seemingly took up temporary residence in the Beverly Hills Hotel with daughter, Ocean Emmett.

In case you’ve been under a rock, Randall was spotted in Nashville with two women, neither of whom was Lala. In a hotel lobby, no less. Not a good look for a new dad, or more importantly an affianced man. Not a good look.

It’s also come to light that Randall is not only being sued for $218K in unpaid rent, but also claimed he almost filed for bankruptcy during his child support hearings for his two older daughters from his first marriage. Yikes. That’s not concerning at all (said with dripping sarcasm).

Luckily, Lala has always had a plan, for life without a man. Not only has she written a book, but she recently joined Cameo, and had the sense to up her price after Andy Cohen told her to. Lala just celebrated three years of sobriety, and thankfully has the support of sober buddy James Kennedy to keep her together. Who’d ever think James, support, and sober would be in the same sentence. Not me. But, I’m totally here for the character arc.

E! News is exclusively reporting that despite neither Lala nor Randall confirming or denying the split, sources have come forward to confirm that Lala has left Rand, and he is desperately trying to win her back.


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One source shared that, “Randall has been trying to win her back over. He is doing anything to make her happy. Lala will continue to co-parent with Randall, but she is done with him romantically at this point.”

Apparently so done, that Lala has even started looking for alternative living options. According to an additional source, “Lala ‘has been apartment hunting’ and intends to move out of their home soon. ‘Lala is not wanting to work things out with Randall,’ according to the individual. ‘She’s focused on Ocean, herself and looking to the future. She’s spending time with friends, and Randall is trying to make it work and doesn’t want to call things off.’ ”

What makes this all the more uncomfortable to watch play out, is simultaneously watching the Scheana Shay and Brock Davies drama on the current season of  VPR. Brock hasn’t seen his children in 4 years, and had a restraining order amid a domestic violence charge. And no one, is voicing more concern that Lala. She’s definitely playing to the camera, by bringing these things up to everyone and their mother, including Lisa Vanderpump. However, she is so staunchly in Scheana’s corner, I’m almost okay with it.


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Unfortunately, Lala is also staunchly in Rand’s corner, letting Scheana know that while she is concerned Brock may leave her and Summer Moon Honey Davies in the lurch, she is not concerned that Randall would leave her and little Ocean. Let’s hope for their sake, she’s right about this one.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]