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Meredith Marks Explains Why She Always Confused About Jen Shah’s Businesses Long Before Jen’s Arrest

It finally happened, people — Bravo finally aired the long-awaited footage of cops showing up to arrest Jen Shah while filming a Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. The ladies were gathered at Heather Gay’s Beauty Lab with their favorite road-trip snacks to embark on a trip to Colorado. However, Jen got a call, asked Whitney Rose to unplug her microphone and left in a panic, claiming that her husband had internal bleeding and was in the hospital. Only moments later, hoards of police officers came back, looking for Jen. To say the group was shocked and confused is an understatement.

There’s been a rumor going around the RHOSLC universe that Meredith Marks is responsible for calling the feds on Jen and Stuart Smith. In case you forgot, the unlikely pair are labeled as orchestrators in a long-running telemarketing scheme that targetted elderly folks. And are facing quite a few years behind bars, even though Jen’s social media behavior seems completely unbothered. The group of ladies was already fractured, but now Jen’s arrest will test where alliances lie, and who is willing to stand by her in the face of fraud charges.

Icy Marks recently appeared on the Let’s Talk About… podcast to give her two cents on Jen’s businesses, per  TheThings. And she’s taking a similar stance as Good Time Girl Gay at saying they had a feeling Jen’s business was shady from the start. She said that prior to the arrest, she “of course” had her concerns over Jen’s business dealings. “As a businesswoman, I do consider myself intelligent and [despite that], I couldn’t understand what she did. So that was a question mark to me,” Meredith said. You and everyone else girl. She tried to call herself the Wizard of Oz at her job and call it a day. But when it comes to the feds, you’re going to have to give a littttle more information than that.


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Meredith says that when she first met Jen, her one-time friend said she owned three marketing companies. “I didn’t quite understand why she needed three,” Meredith chimed in. “So that was a question mark to me.” I had the same question when we “met” the eight+ members of Jen’s Shah Squad. Like, WHAT IS THE REASON? Meredith added in an amazing aside, saying, “Why was there no marketing of her marketing companies?” Yes, girl like that’s exactly it. Like, you don’t just become that loaded out of thin air. People want to know where the money comes from, both viewers at home and the authorities investigating her case.

She continued to explain how she learned of Jen’s businesses as their friendship went on. “Then, she talked about writing algorithms, which is something totally different,” Meredith said. “And lead generation and all these different things and I was just like … I don’t get it. It didn’t make sense.” To you and me both. I am also just stuck on Jen saying that Coach Shah was in the hospital to try to run from the feds. Like, she repeated that lie multiple times while cameras were rolling. Miss Cruella de Ville of SLC has some explaining to do with that.


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