Jill Zarin Wants Bravo To Offer Her A Role On The Real Housewives Of New York

Jill Zarin Says Ramona Singer Not Paying People Has Been Happening For Years

Ramona Singer really doesn’t need another reason for people to hate on her. But here we are! After a dismal showing on the last season of Real Housewives of New York, there has been heavy speculating that this season was Ramona’s last. In her downtime, she’s also annoying the crap out of people off screen. And then we come to her latest appearance – Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. She already pissed off pretty much the entire cast with her antics and got on the very wrong side of Kenya Moore. Not a good idea. But she keeps going, in true Ramona fashion.

Former castmate Jill Zarin isn’t surprised in the least. After many years of “friendship” and four seasons on RHONY together, Jill of all people should know how Ramona rolls. And now she’s telling Showbiz Cheat Sheet her thoughts after seeing Ramona in action on RHUGT. Jill admitted, “I’m dying to see what they do to Ramona. When they took Ramona off the boat and put her on the dinghy. I mean, you can’t make that sh*t up. For me, it was like validating because of all the things that Ramona did to me on the show that maybe people thought I had something to do with or it was me or whatever.”

One of the big blow ups on a recent episode of RHUGT was Ramona’s hogging of hair and make-up. According to costar Cynthia Bailey, she was held up getting her glam done because of Ramona. Ramona claims that the team showed up late and she no longer wanted to get done up. Then she spent an extended period of time complaining and tried to tell hair and makeup she would pay them later. All causing Cynthia’s session to get further and further backed up.


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Jill laughed, “And now they see she does it to everybody else. And that they’re not taking that sh*t. Then when that whole thing came up, you know, not paying that makeup lady, she wouldn’t pay the makeup lady. I mean, do you understand that if you follow Page Six, it goes back years? These things have happened. But listen, I am in a great place with her. I actually love Ramona right now because I kind of love just that she doesn’t like get it. I do. I kind of love it! Maybe because I’m getting old and my memory is bad.” Her memory may be bad but I doubt anyone would question it given how Ramona behaves.

Jill also claims Ramona knew exactly what she was doing when she began filming. Said Jill, “By the way, know this, [Ramona] was plotting on the plane. On the plane, I know now that when she said, ‘I’m the OG and you should all thank me.’ That was planning the room. That was planning the room! Because later on when they said, ‘Why should you get the best room?’ What was her answer? ‘Because I was here first!’ Right?”


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She also thinks this is part of Ramona’s master plan to keep her spot on RHONY. Jill suspected, “By the way, don’t think she definitely thinks she’s coming back on Housewives because the whole show is about me. It’s kinda like she’s like, ‘Don’t you have anything else to talk about besides me?’ That’s when Kenya got up and realized that she’s giving Ramona the whole show!”

Jill may be far, far removed from her days as a housewife, but she still knows what’s up. Now I’m left to wonder if she’s right about Ramona’s plan to stay on RHONY. Will we ever get off the Ramonacoaster?


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]