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Ramona Singer Put Her Drink On The Stage At A Broadway Play

Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer is well-known for her outrageous behavior, which ranges from humorous to offensive. For instance, Ramona tried to cancel her appearance on Watch What Happens Live the afternoon of the show because she was offered Lady Gaga tickets. Host Andy Cohen brought up Ramona’s attempt to ditch him during her appearance.

Then there was the time that the RHONY star ate dog food by mistake. Ramona also posted a screenshot of her bank account balance on Instagram by mistake.

Season 13 of RHONY was a disaster. The reunion was cancelled in a jaw-dropping move by Bravo. It turned out that the reunion was delayed because cast member Eboni K. Williams filed a complaint against Ramona claiming that she made a “racially motivated” comment. A third-party investigation eventually cleared Ramona, who denied making the remark.

Ramona is part of the Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip cast. The ladies from different franchises are ready for some fun in the sun in Turks and Caicos, while they live under one roof.

According to the trailer, Ramona seems to have drama with everyone. In the premiere episode of RHUGT, which airs on Peacock, Ramona tried to snag the best room by getting in a bed and settling in while her co-stars toured the house together.

Ramona called Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore “a bitch” on the plane ride there when Kenya commented that Ramona was still married when she flirted with another guy. Ramona is going to have a rocky time on this trip.

Kenya also called out Ramona for possibly “exposing the girls to COVID after we were, like, in the bubble. I was like, ‘Oh, no. You’re not going to put my health at risk,'” Kenya stated.

According to Page Six, on November 17, 2021, Ramona attended the opening night of Diana, the Musical on Broadway at the Longacre Theatre. And she forgot to bring her manners.

A source said that Ramona sat in the first row, and she placed her drink on the stage. Those are actors, Ramona. Not bartenders. When an usher told the Singer Stinger that putting drinks on the stage was not permitted, Ramona removed it, and then put it right back.


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All theater guests must wear masks, but apparently Ramona once again tried to defy the Covid-19 safety measure. Thank heavens gossip columnist Rob Shuter was present to relay all the action. Ramona was next to an usher who held up a sign reading, “MASK UP.” Rob took a photo of Ramona sans mask before she finally put it on, “rolling her eyes.” That sounds about right for Ramona.

And while most of the crowd had straws in their drinks, Ramona did not. So, she had to remove her mask to sip her beverage. How convenient.

During intermission, Ramona slipped on her fur coat and hit up the bar for another drink. She returned during the first song in the second act, which made her a distraction. So classy, Ramona.

Page Six reached out to Ramona for comment, and her rep claimed that Ramona “adhered to all of the theater rules.” Her rep continued, “Ramona only took off her mask when she took a sip of her drink, which was allowed. Numerous attendees had their drinks on the stage 30 minutes prior to the play starting, and once the announcement was made that drinks were not allowed on the ledge of the stage, everyone immediately removed,” the rep added.


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The insider insisted to Page Six that Ramona and her friend were the only people who put their drinks on the stage. “Ramona loved the play and thought it was an amazing night,” the RHONY star’s rep stated. I wonder if the the actors and other patrons thought that Ramona’s behavior was amazing, or just rude?


[Photo Credit: Bravo]