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Heather Dubrow Calls Kelly Dodd “Sad” And “Pathetic” For Not Moving On After Real Housewives Of Orange County Firing

After a nap-inducing Season 15, Real Housewives of Orange County revamped it’s cast. That meant that Braunwyn Windham-Burke, Kelly Dodd, and Elizabeth Lyn Vargas were shown the door to pave the way for Heather Dubrow’s fabulous return. During the Season 16 premiere, Heather gave Shannon Beador and Gina Kirschenheiter a tour of her mansion. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

While Heather denied that she had a hand in Kelly being axed, she also made it plain that she wouldn’t return to RHOC if Kelly was still part of the cast. Right now, the only people who feel bad for Kelly are Shannon and, well, Kelly.

While Kelly claimed that she is “happier” since being booted off the show, her behavior doesn’t support that claim. Kelly and her husband, Rick Leventhal, started their own podcast titled, Rick & Kelly Unmasked. In the first episode of the podcast, Kelly claimed that Heather left RHOC because she was demoted.

On June 22, 2021, Kelly posted a video to her Instagram Story of her and Rick preparing to get their Covid vaccines. In the video, which was shared by @realhousewives on Instagram, Kelly stated, “We got COVID on New Year’s. Heather Dubrow’s son gave it to us.”

After Kelly received a letter from the Dubrow family lawyer, she made a video apology. The video, which was reposted by LoveAndyC on Twitter, featured the most unapologetic apology in history.

Kelly also took issue with some of Heather’s comments in the Housewives tell-all book Not All Diamonds and Rosé: The Inside Story of the Real Housewives from the People Who Lived It. Heather stated, “Kelly talks about Black people, she talks about ISIS, she talks about Jews — I don’t understand why she’s Teflon?”

Kelly had a meltdown and posted it to her Instagram Story. Page Six reported that Kelly said of Heather, “She claimed she never watched the show after she left so is she lying? Why would she be talking trash about me for things she says I did during seasons she wasn’t involved in and allegedly never saw?” Kelly remarked. Kelly finished off her tirade by posting a photo of the book, accompanied by the text “this is bull” and a poop emoji.


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But what Kelly did next was juvenile. Heather and her husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow, were dining at the same restaurant has Kelly and Rick. Kelly made a video of herself pointing at the couple and heckled them as “losers” with “zero friends” in her Instagram Story.

Kelly then commented, “Should I ask these a–holes why they’re suing me? Terry and Heather. Why are they suing me?” She made another video with more disses. Kelly must really want Heather to slap her with a lawsuit. Seriously–she is asking for it.

Heather spoke to Page Six about Kelly’s recent antics and explained why she feels sorry for her former RHOC co-star. “It makes me laugh,” Heather said of Kelly filming her and her husband at dinner. “Kelly seems to talk about me a lot, so at this point I don’t know whether to be really flattered that she’s so obsessed with me or sad for her that she has no other content.”

Heather said that women who leave any reality TV show should do so with grace. She stated, “No. 1: You don’t burn bridges and No. 2 you have to figure out your next steps, and I don’t think sitting at a restaurant filming former cast members is a viable employment opportunity, and it just seems sad, pathetic.” Heather added, “[You have to] extract yourself elegantly.” That was never an option for Kelly.

Heather remarked that she felt that Bravo “wanted” to change direction, especially after Kelly’s tumultuous behavior on the show. “I think that it was paramount to my return that the show was going in a different direction,” Heather stated. So long, Kelly!


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Kelly hit up Twitter to clap back. Sigh. She posted Heather’s interview with Page Six, and wrote, “If I’m so irrelevant why did your lawyer send me 2 cease & desist letters? BTW no one “heckled’ you,” Kelly said. “I just got video of you & Gomer Pyle eating alone at a table for 6. You’re the “sad & pathetic” one.” Kelly added, “Ask anyone in production. They can’t stand you.”


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