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Kelly Dodd Heckles Heather Dubrow And Terry Dubrow At A Restaurant

Since Bravo finally pulled the plug and revamped the Real Housewives of Orange County cast after the disaster of Season 15, Kelly Dodd has remained bitter and bothered. She’s been so upset that she dug her own grave and got fired that she’s reached new levels of vile behavior. And to make it worse, she’s in denial about the entire thing, pointing the blame at anyone who crosses her path. What a shame, but her true colors have come out.

Kelly will go down in RHOC history as an offensive mess, and it’s exactly what she deserves after proving to us time and time again that she just loves shock value. No matter who she runs down or offends along the way.

Meanwhile, Bravo decided to pull out the big guns to replace their massive hiring mistake Kelly by bringing back Heather Dubrow. The wealth. The class. The champagne, bring it all on. Especially since Fancy Pants has called out Kelly’s behavior since day one. The queen is back for her crown, don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Kelly.

Kelly has felt the wrath of the Dubrow family lawyers after spreading damning rumors in recent months, so who knows why she keeps trying to come for them. They are unbothered and RICH honey — they don’t CARE about Kelly Dodd. Kelly, on the other hand, clearly is bothered and she’s never made it more evident than in a recent series of Instagram Story posts, captured by Page Six. 


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Heather and Terry Dubrow were out and about recently having a romantic date night at a restaurant in town. Unfortunately, their night was ruined as Kelly was in the same place with her husband. Instead of saying hello or ignoring them altogether, Kelly decided to go the childish route and heckle them. In a classy restaurant. Girl, your delusions are showing.

Kelly posted videos of herself pointing fingers at the Dubrows and called them “losers” with “zero friends.” That’s called DEFLECTION honey. Kelly is apparently still bothered that the Dubrows sent her a cease and desist to just SHUT HER UP. “Should I ask these a–holes why they’re suing me?” Kelly said in the video. “Terry and Heather. Why are they suing me?” Her videos included another round of weak insults that are clear signs of her insecurity, but honestly, it’s not surprising anymore. Kelly is continuing to grasp at straws, but by now, she’s long gone from Bravo and already forgotten, the way she should be.


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