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Kelly Dodd Apologizes For Blaming Heather Dubrow’s Son For Giving Her COVID-19 After Receiving Letter From Heather’s Attorney

Oh Kelly Dodd, Kelly Dodd. The former Real Housewives of Orange County star is nothing short of unraveling since she was fired from the show. But don’t worry, to all of those Kelly fans out there, Braunwyn Windham-Burke got the boot too. And good riddance to both of them as Heather Dubrow is swooping in to bring wealth, class and plenty of champs to the OC. And Heather may even make even a cameo from Tamra Judge possible (and Braunwyn, if she finds a way to weasel that in).

Kelly has always been the antithesis of if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all. And it’s only gotten worse since the RHOC cast shake-up was announced. She’s been particularly vile toward Boringwyn, whom she blames for her getting a pink slip from Bravo in the first place. That, or the fact that she’s a conservative. Whatever you have to tell yourself to sleep at night. But to be clear, I’m totally in agreeance that Braunwyn was a lot of what was wrong with Season 15.

And as an example of Kelly’s true delusion, she recently blamed Heather’s teenage son for giving her and her husband Rick Leventhal COVID-19 back in January. And simultaneously told herself that she previously lied about already being vaccinated. Knowing the Dubrow family way, they weren’t going to stand for that, and their lawyers sent Kelly a letter to remind her to mind her ps and qs. Cue the evil laughter.

In a video reposted by LoveAndyC on Twitter, Kelly gives the most sarcastic apology in reference to the letter to avoid any legal repercussions. Considering she and Rick are both newly unemployed, it’s obvious they can’t afford a lawsuit right now. “I got this letter from an attorney from the Dubrow family reminding me I made statements that may sound like the truth, when in fact, it was a joke. And for that, I’m offering my sincere apology,” Kelly began the video. I love how obviously forced it is and she’s gritting her teeth knowing that HD will always come out on top.


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Kelly continued to explain that she was at a party on New Year’s Eve where Heather’s son and his friends were also in attendance. “While I had information leading us all to believe that we could have gotten COVID from them, because we all, like 24 of us, got COVID that night, we obviously have no way of knowing for sure he or his friends were the source of our infections,” Kelly continued. Alright, so again another example of Kelly making dumb decisions in the height of a pandemic and finding a way to blame it on someone else. No wonder Fancy Pants is doing everything in her power to distance herself from Kelly. Who would want to be associated with that?


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“I’m going on the record right now to be very clear: We don’t know how we caught the virus. We’re both very very sorry for any trouble we caused the Dubrow family. We hope you accept our sincere apology,” Kelly finished the video. Wasn’t it Kelly that once uttered the phrase, “People who tell lies get sued?” BLOOP.


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