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Simon Guobadia Says Porsha Williams Will Be His One Wife Despite His Nigerian Culture & Family’s History With Multiple Wives

Porsha Williams and her whirlwind romance to now fiancé Simon Guobadia has been anything but smooth sailing. Especially in the court of public opinion. Despite her assertion that she’s “blessed n highly favored”, fans were quick to turn on her based on the shady timeline of their relationship. More importantly, Simon was featured on the last season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. With his WIFE and cast “friend of” Falynn Guobadia. But Porsha and Simon got engaged (after a month) anyway. And Porsha was shocked to learn not everyone was happy for her. Imagine that! She called her costars being “shady as hell” for not supporting her. Which probably contributed to her exit from RHOA. But at least she got her own spinoff . And now she can (sort of) control the narrative of her suspicious relationship.

Another point of contention with fans is Simon himself. Falynn had no problem slamming him in the press, saying he was incapable of having kids due to heavy drinking and smoking. He’s also been accused of being a ladies man. Not just for the whole possibility of him cheating on Falynn with Porsha, but claims that he was with another women while courting Porsha.

But now Simon wants to make it clear that he is one woman man, and that includes marriage. He took to Instagram with a post, clarifying that despite his Nigerian culture allowing multiple wives, he would be doing no such thing with Porsha. Simon posted a picture with text that read, “Unequivocally, I’m a one man one wife individual. My grandfather having 25 wives 100n years ago or my father having 2 wives 56 years ago, bears no relevance to my life today other than for historical context.” He ended the text with the prayer hands emoji.


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His caption then read, “My Nigerian culture and law allows for a man to have multiple wives, and this can vary by regions and part of Nigeria. The reality however is that most Nigerian relationships today are one man one wife. I have a responsibility to ensure I’m accurate in my utterances regardless of the platform I use to share my opinions and thoughts.” He also ended that one with the prayer hands emoji.

So he’s trying to assure fans (and probably Porsha) that he won’t be following in the footsteps of his family. Undoubtably because of all the flack he has taken about his divorce. And how his new relationship with Porsha all went down. I think it’s a stretch to assume he would be taking multiple wives, especially since he hasn’t in the past. So it looks like fans are just looking for a reason to jump on him. Which I can’t blame them for, given how shady he looks in all this. But that clearly doesn’t phase Porsha, and she’s the one who is going to marry him. Best of luck, girl. He might not be into multiple wives, but his track record with women is anything but stellar.


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