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Porsha Williams Will Have 3 Weddings With Simon Guobadia

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams is truly living in her own fantasy universe. She was given a huge rock from HER FRIEND Falynn Guobadia’s soon-to-be (keyword: soon) ex-husband Simon Guobadia after ONE MONTH of dating. Yes, after she spent Season 13 teasing a potential reunion with Hot Dog Dennis McKinley. And (poorly) denying any hoe-like activities with Bolo at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party. Welp, now she’s engaged again, and frankly, I’m exhausted.

Porsha and Simon are on the same planet, posting on Instagram like they’re the C-List version of Bennifer or something. Despite the cheating allegations, a questionable timeline and other women coming out of the woodworks. I’m with Marlo Hampton on this one, the whole thing is just a big red flag.

Despite Porsha’s total lack of respect for her friend Falynn, who she brought on the show and didn’t even negotiate a contract for, she’s still being rewarded. Kenya Moore is still the villain on RHOA for hogging a crabcake and stirring the pot. At least she can own up to her mistakes when she crosses the line with someone’s man. Porsha’s got a 3-part spinoff coming this summer and is toying with the idea of a Bravo wedding. We already know her lapdog Shamea Morton will be a bridesmaid since we can point our fingers at her for getting this whole mess of a relationship started.

Porshaland seems like a nice place to be, since it’s totally detached from reality. To prove my point even more, just listen to Porsha4Real’s latest appearance on the Dish Nation podcast where she claims she wants not one, not two but THREE weddings, People reports. “He’s African so we will have our native law and custom ceremony and a regular wedding, and then we’ll have another wedding at one of the houses that are out of the country,” Porsha said.

Who in their right mind would want to celebrate this trainwreck THREE TIMES? Give me a golf club because I’m feeling Falynn’s rage with this one. And, to be safe, let’s put a peach in her hand instead so she doesn’t do anything crazy. Although after all this disrespect, I don’t blame her.


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Porsha also said that Simon is pretty hands-off with wedding planning. “He did say, ‘Oh babe, it’s okay. Just do whatever you want. It’s your day,” Porsha said. Is anyone surprised that a rich man is letting his new boo plan multiple wedding ceremonies without a limit? But it’s obvious he’s trying to do whatever to keep Porsha happy and from looking too closely into the other women who claim to be in his life.

Porsha would truly have to be clueless to not see all the hate she’s getting for her lack of girl code. So she’s trying to throw some shade back. She posted a clip from the podcast on her Instagram with the caption, “three weddings and a funeral for the haters.” Even though 50 Cynt, Marlo and Twirl might not get an invite to one of three weddings, maybe they’ll be able to go to the funeral. And let’s hope that Phaedra Parks is the one planning that “celebration.”


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