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Porsha Williams Weighs In On Her Sister Lauren Williams Maintaining A Friendship With Dennis McKinley After Their Split

Porsha Williams may have bid farewell to her Real Housewives of Atlanta peach for now, but her reality TV career is far from over. Porsha is currently airing her spinoff Porsha’s Family Matters on Bravo, chronicling her whirlwind (and highly-criticized) engagement to Simon Guobadia and the messy web surrounding it. The show features Porsha and Simon preparing to walk down the aisle while Porsha also deals with co-parenting alongside Dennis McKinley, the hot dog king. Dennis is a major player on the show, and clearly still a major force in Porsha’s life. But that doesn’t mean it’s all peace and love with Porsha and her crew.

During the first episode of Porsha’s spinoff, Dennis was seen hanging around her mom, her new fiance, and her sister and side-kick Lauren Williams. One scene showed Lauren and Dennis chowing down on some hot dogs (of course) and talking about Porsha Luther King’s quick and controversial engagement. The conversation seemed more like gossip between me and a friend than a genuine convo between two major figures in Porsha’s life. It was honestly shocking to see the pair have such a strong friendship after the demise of Dennis and Porsha. But that’s the theme of the show — family matters — so clearly Porsha’s gonna ride it hard. 


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In a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Porsha gave her two cents about Lauren and Dennis‘ tight bond. She says that Lauren had warned her about the scene she filmed with Dennis, but it still caught her by surprise. “Of course, as a sister, she wanted to give me a head’s up on some of that,” Porsha said. “But I don’t even think she was able to describe what all was said at that luncheon.” So Porsha is putting all the blame on Dennis? Sounds about Porsha, but it’s still troubling.

Like, girl, Dennis only repeated what everyone was saying on the internet and gave his honest two cents about his ex jumping into a relationship with a new guy. And Lauren wasn’t exactly denying any of his valid criticisms as the father of her niece.

Porsha did say that she understands the sibling-like relationship that Lauren and Dennis share. “They have had their ups and downs when him and I were on the outs because of family stuff. They went through it, too. So they got back together and are cool, and I love that. That’s all about being family,” Porsha said. But do you though?


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Lauren’s always played a significant role in Porsha’s life. So it’s hard to imagine that if things really went south between Dennis and Porsha in the future that Lauren would still ride the fence. But for now, it’s nice to see a modern co-parenting relationship on TV, as typically the custody battles of Real Housewives are storylines I don’t think anyone rivals.


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