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Porsha Williams Wants To Have 3 Wedding Ceremonies And Has Set Wedding Date

Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Porsha Williams is living her best life right now. Porsha landed a spinoff series titled Porsha’s Family Matters. The show chronicles Porsha’s family dealing with the new man in her life, Simon Guobadia, and his extensive romantic past. According to the trailer, the group went to Mexico for a retreat, and all hell broke loose.

Porsha announced that she was dating Simon on Instagram on May 10, 2021. “Our relationship began a month ago—yes we are crazy in love. For all of you that need facts, I get the optics but Simon filed for divorce from a previous marriage in January,” Porsha wrote. “Falynn and I are not friends, and Simon’s divorce has been settled.”

On May 11, 2021, Simon hit up Instagram to reveal that he and Porsha were engaged. “I asked her to marry me because we checked ALL of each other’s boxes, and then some,” Simon stated. The problem with this love story was that Simon was the recent ex of Porsha’s RHOA co-star, Falynn Guobadia.

In fact, Falynn was brought on the show as Porsha’s friend. Falynn spoke out in a statement on May 11, 2021, noting “I am focusing on finalizing my divorce and healing.” Very interesting.

In July of 2021, Falynn shared that she was officially divorced from Simon. She also claimed that Porsha slept with Simon’s cousin for a Rolls Royce. Say what now?

No one can deny that the timeline of Porsha and Simon’s love affair is sketchy. And there were even rumors that Simon allegedly cheated on both Falynn and Porsha. Yikes!


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Porsha turned in her peach, and her RHOA co-stars’ less than happy reaction to her speedy engagement may be part of the reason. Porsha called her co-stars “shady as hell” on Bravo’s Chat Room. The clip was shared on the Instagram page Its_onsiteKenya Moore and Marlo Hampton probably shouldn’t wait by their mailbox for an invite after they dissed Porsha and Simon’s engagement.

Porsha always planned on having three weddings, but now the wheels are in motion. On December 7, 2021, Porsha told US Weekly, “We ended up coming up with a wedding date. My grandmother is the one who actually set my wedding day.”

Porsha continued, “She, my mother and my aunt sat me down and she’s like, ‘This man has given you every intention. He put the ring on you. You’re dragging your feet.’ And now once we’ve settled down in the house, we have a date.”

While Porsha was mum on the actual date of her nuptials, she did share that there will probably be multiple ceremonies. “We’re definitely doing one in Atlanta, and we’ll be doing one in Nigeria as well. And then we’re thinking about doing one at our home in Costa Rica,” Porsha stated.


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“I definitely want it to be intimate. I have a lot of friends and loved ones, but I want it to have a very intimate feel. I want it to be real. I want us to have a good time, for sure,” she added.

So, which Atlanta peaches made the guest list for Porsha and Simon’s wedding? “I have a lot of people who will definitely be on the list from the Atlanta show. I’m definitely great friends with Drew [Sidora] still, definitely,” Porsha remarked.

“I love my Shamea Morton and some other people possibly. I haven’t worked on the list yet. That’s probably one of the hardest things is making your list,” the RHOA alum stated. Porsha also said that NeNe Leakes will be invited.


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Porsha admitted that she was anxious about filming Porsha’s Family Matters. Porsha said, “My family on national television having opinions about the hot topic? Yeah, it was a big decision, for sure, but one thing I knew was that anything my family was going to tell me was going to come from a place of love.” She added, “It’s raw, it’s real, it’s uncut. It’s probably one of the realest family shows you will see on television.”


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