Dorit Kemsley’s Husband PK Kemsley Reveals He Has Covid-19

Dorit Kemsley has been going through a lot lately. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has faced one massive setback after another over the last few months. First was the news that her home was broken into and she was held at gunpoint while her kids slept. In the aftermath, Dorit revealed, “I can tell you that this is something that’s truly affected me. There’s deep, deep trauma. I am taking day by day, but I’m doing therapy and doing all of the things I need to do to try to come up on the other side.”

Husband PK Kemsley took the news hard too, and was recently arrested on suspicion of a DUI. He clearly realized the error of his ways and Dorit explained that PK was “very remorseful” about the incident. She added, “He’s very regretful. He fully understands the nature and the danger of drinking and driving. [He] reassures me that it will never happen again.”


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Now PK is having more back luck. As reported by Radar Online, PK revealed that she was diagnosed with coronavirus over the holiday. He posted the news to his Instagram and said, “Here’s my wife, my mum, and my son captured in a beautiful moment and got me thinking about being lucky and grateful. Like many of us I’ve spent this Xmas in isolation with Covid…I’m writing this from my isolation room.”

He continued, “I was speaking to a friend today and said to him… I haven’t had it too good lately, I’m feeling super unlucky…first the home invasion, then the arrest for suspicion of DUI and now Covid…like WTF…” But PK has good friends to remind him of what he has to be thankful for. His friend supposedly told him, “Well PK, how about the following, no one was hurt in the invasion, you were not given a DUI and your Covid is super mild. Maybe you are in fact a lucky fella.”

PK agreed that his friend was “right” and wished his fans a “Happy Xmas” and a “happy, healthy and peaceful new year.” We are wishing PK a speedy recovery!


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]