PK Kemsley Arrested On Suspicion Of A DUI

The Real Housewives husbands have become an integral part of the storylines on several of the shows. While a franchise like Real Housewives of New York does just fine without the men, a show like Real Housewives of New Jersey is made even better with the rambunctious adventures of the HouseHusbands. And on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the dynamic duo of PK Kemsley and Mauricio Umansky has provided plenty of comedic relief, especially during intense moments.

PK may be a controversial figure, but I feel like he is truly a harmless soul. He’s not afraid to go toes with someone to defend his wife, even when his opponents are RHOBH stars who get paid to throw shade. He has a good heart and a clearly infectious accent. And recently, he and Dorit Kemsley have been dealing with a lot — tax issues, a violent robbery, and more. Now, PK issues are piling up even more after he was arrested on suspicion of a DUI at the end of November, according to Daily Mail. 


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PK was arrested on November 23 when he was pulled over in Los Angeles and was given a breathalyzer test. When pulled over, he blew a .081. Once he was taken to the police department, he blew a .073, with the legal blood alcohol limit in California being .08. PK’s attorney Alan Jackson says that PK was out to dinner with a business colleague prior to the incident. He claims his client had a glass of wine with dinner. “Following a traffic stop, it was determined that he may have been close to the legal limited,” Jackson said. “He regrets the fact that he did not take alternate transportation home that evening.” We’ve seen plenty of DUIs and drunken antics in Real Housewives history, but I don’t know how to feel about this. Drinking and driving is NEVER the answer, I won’t deny that. But one glass of wine at dinner? Seems a little intense. Especially with everything they have going on, I feel for his family.


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PK was held at the station for an hour before officers drove him home. He was alone as Dorit or the kids were not in the car at the time, thankfully. His lawyer says he’s taking the allegations very seriously. “This would mark the first and only such incident in PK’s long driving history. He has learned a valuable lesson,” Jackson said. Sounds like the Kemsleys could rearrange their finances to include a robust Uber budget to avoid this. They honestly don’t need any more drama in their life these days, so it’s best to just avoid these kind of situations and err on the side of caution.


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