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Jen Shah Says Lisa Barlow Is “Full Of Sh*t” After Lisa Claims Jen Said “Horrible Things To Her” Within Earshot Of Her Kids

As the aftermath of Jen Shah’s arrest plays out on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Jen is seeing who her real friends are. While castmates like Heather Gay have stuck by her side, no matter what she says, Jen hasn’t gotten the same response from everyone. Despite starting the season on a high note with their friendship, things quickly went downhill for Lisa Barlow and Jen.

As reported by Reality Blurb, Lisa recently shared her thoughts on her “icy” lunch with Jen on an episode of RHOSLC: After ShowSaid Lisa, “It felt a little icy in the beginning because I think she was upset that I didn’t meet with her sooner.” Lisa insisted that she wasn’t judging Jen based on the allegations against her. But Jen was upset that Lisa didn’t communicate that to her when  Lisa didn’t return Jen’s calls for two weeks.

Jen admitted, “At first, I kept making excuses for why she wasn’t picking up because that was the less hurtful path for me. I really felt Lisa was there for me, like she was a true friend. She was supposed to be my friend.” Jen also felt like Lisa was busy making Heather and Whitney Rose out to be the bad guys, rather than talking about her own behavior. Jen added, “Her intention was to show me what a piece of sh-t Heather and Whitney are. And that’s when I got upset.”

But after the lunch fiasco, Jen disclosed that Lisa called her to make up. “She called me because she knew she was in the wrong and she was trying to apologize and I told her, I said, ‘I get it but I’m very hurt.'”


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Unfortunately, Lisa had a different take away from their phone call. According to Lisa, Jen berated her during the call and said “horrible things” to her. Lisa’s kids were in the car, so they heard everything. Said a tearful Lisa, “My kids heard her yelling at me and not saying some nice things. She said some horrible things to me. My little Henry heard it. My Jack heard it… It was so hurtful. Henry was hugging me and saying, ‘Mommy, you’re perfect. Don’t listen to Jen.’ It’s tragic all the way around.”

Lisa maintains that she had compassion for Jen during their lunch and said it was hard watching Jen “sob over the situation” and witness “all the emotion she was going through.” Lisa stated, “Nothing else really mattered at that point. Did it matter to me that she yelled at me? Did it matter that she hurt my feelings? No. Jen’s freedom is on the line and honestly, we left hugging.” She then concluded, “I’m glad I met with her. It was the right thing to do and I care a lot about her. This is what friends do.”


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Too bad Jen isn’t having it. Jen snipped, “I think Lisa’s full of sh-t. She’s just trying to bring up something to make it sound… Because right now, Lisa, you’re the piece of sh-t.”


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