Jen Shah Thinks Real Housewives Co-Stars Are “Snakes/Fakes” Except For Jennie Nguyen And Heather Gay After Arrest

We’re in the midst of the aftermath of Jen Shah’s arrest on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and somehow, the story continues to get even crazier. Jen was Shah-rrested along with her sidekick Stuart Smith for claims that they ran a telemarketing scheme that targetted elderly people. Jen’s being accused of raking in massive amounts of money through fraud and money laundering. Since the news broke, there have been plenty of allegations surrounding Jen’s bad behavior. As you probably guessed, it’s not going over well with Miss Shah.

It’s obvious that Meredith Marks wants absolutely nothing to do with Miss Shah these days. However, some of her RHOSLC co-stars stood by her side as she faces a potential stint in prison, Teresa Giudice style. But even Jen’s most loyal soldier, Stu Chains, might end up flipping on her to save himself. I don’t pity the phone call he probably got from Jen after that story broke.

The attitude from the RHOSLC cast about Jen’s arrest is what I wish the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ladies would have done following the mountain of allegations against Erika Jayne. They shared intel, they asked questions, and ultimately, they each individually made their own opinions. While Lisa Barlow was a bit of a flip-flopper, Heather Gay proved she’s a real ride-or-die, saying without hesitation that she’d visit Jen in the slammer if that’s what it came to. Now THAT’S a good friend, hunny. Heather’s even spoken about the sketchiness of Jen’s business, but that isn’t stopping her from being there to support her as a friend without justifying the allegations facing her. Lisa Rinna, take notes.


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As expected, Jen has not taken well to her co-stars gabbing about her shady life on TV when she’s not even in the room. So in true Shah style, she took to social media to slam her co-stars and praise those in her corner, AKA just Heather and Jennie Nguyen.

Twitter user @LoveAndyC took a handful of screenshots from Jen’s Instagram story where she’s calling out her co-stars for not being blindly loyal to her. This is expected — we all saw her performance in Season 1 of RHOSLC. Subtly isn’t Jen’s forte. She posted a story that read, “What we are watching is snakes/fakes being exposed. It is not my role to expose the fake people. In due time, they will expose themselves for who they really are.” Yes, girl but maybe you’re preaching to the choir in this situation, as everyone wants you to own up your allegedly fake life and state some believable facts instead of just lashing out. I won’t hold my breath.


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In a few other posts (via @housewivesofslc), Jen praised Heather and Jennie for being good friends, which is clearly a slap in the face to Lisa who has been playing both sides. “Thank you @heathergay for being a friend when I needed it most,” Jen wrote over a photo of her and Heather. She also shared a solo shot of Jennie and wrote, “I appreciate you being a good person and not judging without any facts, proof, or evidence.” It looks like an arrest wasn’t enough to shake Jen’s ego, but time will tell if she can reciprocate being a good friend to Heather, for once.


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