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Heather Gay Defends Jen Shah For Calling Her Shrek, Lying About Sharrieff Shah’s Internal Bleeding, And Yelling At Her Ex-Employee

Heather Gay was recently awarded a Snowflake of Honor for her blind loyalty to accused felon Jen Shah. Never mind that the accomplishment was bestowed on her from the future-convict herself. Jen is apparently deeply concerned about the impression her fellow Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Housewives have of her right now. Methinks she should be more worried about smelling like a jail-cell in the near future.

Heather is truly one of the most graceful Housewives we’ve seen in a while. It seems like she can keep a level head during just about anything. And that includes a homeland security raid during filming. She recently appeared on an episode of Watch What Happens Live where Andy Cohen drilled her on her standing with Jen.

When Heather was asked if she could defend Jen for lying about Sharrieff Shah’s internal bleeding during her tip off call in the van, Heather did defend Jen. She said, “I don’t think any of us know what we would say in that type of situation, so absolutely.” Fair enough.

Andy also asked if Heather could defend the time Jen was caught verbally assaulting an ex-employee. Heather replied quietly, “She claimed it was a set up.” When Andy pushed further and asked “How was that a set up?” Heather admitted she didn’t really know. Yea. Me either.


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Andy went deeper into the mud when he asked if Heather could defend Jen for calling her “Shrek.” I can’t even believe I just typed that sentence. Tragically, Heather replied, “Yea. Shrek is the ultimate anti-hero, so who gives a shit.” SAY LESS. Heather claims to have said things to Jen that are “equally as bad.” Sure Jan. Does anyone believe if Heather called Jen a name we wouldn’t be hearing about it? This is the woman who hinged a season on being told she smells like hospital. Spare me.

Heather justified each of her answers saying, “She has nothing on me. She can say or do whatever she wants. This what I want to show up in the world as. That’s it.” Ugh! Aim higher than a felonious friend who can’t even squeak a tear out when discussing the horror she put her own kids through. PLEASE.


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