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Meredith Marks “Knew Something Was Off” Prior To Jen Shah’s Arrest

If you look up “unbothered” in the dictionary, photos of Gizelle Bryant and Meredith Marks should stand alone on the page. These two ladies are NOT phased, whether they’re confronted with a binder of secrets or the tornado that is Jen Shah. Mer is the Ice Queen of disengaging, especially when someone messes with her family. She’s not here to teach grown women how to be friends with her, even if they are her Real Housewives of Salt Lake City co-stars.

Meredith’s reaction to Jen’s arrest on RHOSLC is one of the most ridiculous moments of the season this year, and that’s saying something. While the other women cried and read articles about Jen’s arrest as it unfolded (and in Lisa Barlow’s case, called 6 of their lawyers), Meredith was in the tub. Like a bathtub, filled to the brim with bubbles. She didn’t even bother to get out to welcome Mary Cosby to Vail. That’s legend status.


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Miss Marks was obviously unfazed by the feds showing up to book Jen on fraud charges. And in a recent appearance on the podcast Reality Life With Kate Casey, she doubled down that none of it was shocking. “I had certain odd suspicions about her, but did I think that what they’re alleging was exactly what was going on? No, I did not,” Meredith said, according to Daily Mail. “But I had bizarre things that made it seem not so surprising to me.” Sounds like Heather Gay wasn’t the only one who thought Jen’s business was shady. However, their reactions to her arrest couldn’t be any more polar opposite.

Meredith believes “something was off” prior to Jen’s arrest, so it began to add up. She attributes her suspicions about Jen’s business to how Miss Shah treated her as a friend. “I had a lot of different interactions with Jennifer that were not very positive in a lot of different ways,” Meredith said. Boy, don’t we know it. Mer hasn’t let up on Jen’s case all season, even though she smoothed things over with Brooks Marks. We know Jen hates haters, so she probably won’t take to Meredith’s comments kindly at the reunion. But she has bigger fish to fry — like whether or not Stuart Smith is planning to flip on her.


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