Whitney Rose “Doesn’t Understand” Heather Gay’s Friendship With Jen Shah

There are plenty of aspects of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City that don’t make sense. Brooks Marks tracksuit line. The seemingly endless number of secrets Lisa Barlow is harboring at any given moment. Mary Cosby, as a whole human being. And Heather Gay’s absolute relentless devotion to Jen Shah. I get why Bad Weather (Heather and Whitney Rose) are so ride-or-die for one another. But Jen has never backed down from making really nasty digs at Heather, yet the Beauty Lab owner has nothing but nice things to say about her friend. Even after Jen’s “traumatizing” arrest and all of the fraud allegations she’s currently facing.

Heather has admitted that her RHOSLC buddy has always been shady when it comes to how she makes her money. But that doesn’t stop her from being her friend, even if Jen is guilty and headed to the slammer for a loooong time, without a single Shah Squad member in sight. Sometimes I think there’s more to the story with Jen and Heather’s friendship, but I can’t put my finger on it. Apparently, Whitney is right there with me by being absolutely bamboozled by her cousin’s behavior.


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Whitney appeared on Watch What Happens Live to do shotskis and dish on all of the RHOSLC tea. A fan asked her a question about Heather and Jen’s friendship, which also puzzled Andy Cohen. Andy mentioned that Heather recently stood by a bunch of examples of bad behavior from Jen, including the time she compared Heather to Shrek. “They love each other,” Whitney responded. “They have a relationship that I don’t understand because I don’t get that side of Jen very often.” Whitney did admit that when Jen is in a good mood, she’s a fun person to hang with. But as well all know, Jen’s dark side can be quite a display of emotion that’s a bit too much to handle.

Alas, no one but Heather really understands her loyalty to Jen. Obviously, Jen’s loving the support. Because in her mind, if you’re not #TeamUnarrested, you’re the enemy. But Heather better watch herself because if Jen is guilty, she has the possibility to be a liability. And the only person left laughing will be Meredith Marks saying “I told you so.”


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]