Heather Gay Thinks Jen Shah “Can Redeem Herself;” Calls Jen “Magnetic And Charismatic”

Jen Shah was the HBIC on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Last season, during a RHOSLC cast trip to Las Vegas, Jen got in Whitney Rose’s face. She also screamed at her most loyal supporter, Heather Gay.

In March of 2021, audio of Jen allegedly verbally attacking her Shah squad and designer Koa Johnson leaked. Jen sent cease and desist letters to the Instagram accounts that leaked the audio.

Some cruel messages supposedly written by Jen also went public. A screenshot of the messages was displayed on the Instagram account, realityvontease2. “Bitch… you ain’t a fucking actress. Unless you are auditioning for a manatee or Shrek,” Jen supposedly wrote about Heather.

In an audio clip, shared by the same Instagram account, realityvontease2, Jen again insulted Heather’s appearance. “I’m laughing so hard I tell her all the time like ‘Hey bitch fix your f–king face,'” Jen reportedly said. Isn’t Jen just delightful?

Bravo announced that RHOSLC was renewed for Season 2, and the ladies started filming. On March 30, 2021, Jen was filming with the ladies, who were headed to Colorado for a trip. Jen had to leave suddenly, saying that there was an emergency with her husband. Then federal agents located the van.

It was rumored that Jen’s husband, Sharrieff Shah, tipped her off that she was going to be taken into custody. Jen was arrested by the side of the road. Meanwhile, Whitney, Heather, and Lisa Barlow were in the van.


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Jen is facing federal charges of conspiracy to commit money laundering and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Stuart Smith, her assistant, was also arrested and is facing the same charges. The two were allegedly involved in a telemarketing scheme that ran for nine years, scamming “hundreds of victims.”

And Jen is facing some major time behind bars if convicted. A fraud conspiracy charge carries a maximum sentence of 30 years. Jen plead not guilty to the charges, as did Stuart. Her trial is slated to start on October 18, 2021.

In April of 2021, Jen once again demonstrated her inability to read the room. I know it’s shocking. This time, she posted a photo of herself with the caption “FREE JEN” to her Instagram Story. A screenshot was shared on Twitter for your viewing pleasure.


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According to US Weekly, Heather discussed Jen’s shocking situation during an interview on the So Bad It’s Good With Ryan Bailey podcast. “I think that good people can do bad things, and she is claiming she is innocent. Even if she gets … wrongfully convicted she can make things right,” Heather stated. “She can redeem herself.”  Why did Heather stay loyal to Jen during the entire first season as Jen feuded with every other co-star?

Heather shared, “I guess I am passionate about second chances because … when I got divorced, I didn’t have a second chance. And that sucks, you know,” Heather added. She stated, “This is the biggest, hugest thing that has happened to our community, and to our group of friends and to Jen personally and to me personally. I mean, this is big and it’s real,” Heather remarked. Duh.

But somehow, Heather is looking on the bright side. “She is a star. When you are in the room with her, she is magnetic and charismatic and you want the Jen Shah sunlight to shine on you,” Heather commented. But will that Shah sunlight still shine from a jail cell?


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