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Rayna Lindsey Shares Her Disappointment In Eddie Lucas Over His Reaction To Heather Chase Using The “N” Word On Below Deck

It seems a lot of discord on Below Deck Season 9 was avoidable.  Well, first off chief stew Heather Chase should have known better than to say the ‘N’ word in any context.  Second, couldn’t one person have asked deck hand Rayna Lindsey how she wanted the situation handled?  Between Heather and First Officer Eddie Lucas, it seemed like a whole lot of talking over Rayna rather than listening and learning how the aggrieved wanted to proceed.

Well, someone finally asked Rayna to comment on the whole situation.  That person was Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen.  Rayna was invited onto a recent episode and given space to express her feelings without the conflict of confided and complicated yacht life.

Andy asked the deck hand, “we saw you discuss the situation with Eddie and you ultimately were not happy with the result.  What were you hoping to get from him in that conversation?”

Of course, Andy is referring to Rayna telling her superior that Heather had used a racial slur in her presence. Editing made it look like Eddie brushed the whole thing off, though he claims that production shut down further conversations.  Post-filming, Eddie said he wanted Heather fired.

Rayna would have heard this news by now, but her feeling towards Eddie’s initial reaction during filming remains the same.  She told Andy that she expected, “the same reaction that he had when Heather grabbed the spaghetti with her fingers. OKAY!”


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Certainly, Eddie was on point to chastise Rayna for speaking up to her superior on basic table hygiene.  “That’s the reaction I wanted,” she continued, “because you’re more concerned about Heather eating spaghetti with her fingers.  You don’t care about that.  And your reaction towards me is that it was low of me to correct an adult to eat with a fork, versus when I go to him and he says ‘oh well that doesn’t affect you and your job if Heather says the N word.’ so it’ just kinda like uhh..it shows his priorities and what he thinks is important as well.”

Indeed.  What a strange boat to be stuck working on.  Maybe it’s a hierarchy thing.  The likes of Eddie are quick to point out when someone speaks out of turn to their superiors.

Certainly, Heather has been on an apology tour since the episode aired and Eddie has his own explanations for how he thought the situation should have been handled.

But clearly nothing was resolved by the end of the season.  So it’s just about seeing how it all plays out on camera.


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