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Tamra Judge Explains Andy Cohen Attacks at RHOC Reunion

Here we go with Tamra Judge trying to explain herself – and this comes as a shock to no one. The Real Housewives of Orange County star has some butt-kissing to do if she wants to save her job after the Season 17 reunion.

Tammy Sue didn’t blow anyone away with her return to Orange County. She was incredibly defensive at the reunion and it definitely showed. When Andy Cohen attempted to point something out, Tamra lost her mind. She told him to “f*ck off” and “be quiet” and now people are wondering if Tammy Sue’s time is over. Right on schedule, she’s coming in hot to clear it all up.

Is Tammy Sue in trouble?

Thankfully Tamra isn’t burdened by a moral compass, but her constant fighting grew tiresome. Fans didn’t like the way she targeted Heather Dubrow and Jennifer Pendranti. They were especially aghast when Tamra dropped the f-bomb Andy’s way during the reunion.

Now that Tamra’s unfortunate twisted organs have straightened themselves out, she’s trying to smooth over her big boo-boo. Naturally, this went down on her podcast, Two Ts in a Pod.

While Tamra was involved in a heated discussion on the reunion stage, Andy piped up suggesting she doesn’t necessarily limit her nasty comments to one or two people. He said Tammy Sue “had said terrible things about everyone that was still on the show” but she didn’t feel it was pertinent to the conversation.

Consequently, Tamra turned to Andy and said, “But we aren’t talking about that, so f*** off.” When Andy implied Tamra is a hypocrite, she told him to “be quiet.” According to Tamra, this is all Andy’s fault because he was “trying to change the scenario.” No, the “scenario” is Tamra treats everyone like garbage. Including Andy.

Tammy Sue’s clean-up crew

“Okay listen, so he had asked a question that was current. And then he goes and says, like, ‘Well, in 2022, you had said things about them.’ I’m like, ‘Really? Let me answer the question,’” Tamra attempted to reason. And don’t worry, Tammy Sue and Andy are so close, this was a non-factor. Allegedly.

Tamra explained she has a “relationship with Andy where [she] can kind of go back and forth with him.” Then she brought poor Eddie Judge into the situation because her mouth can’t be trusted.

“We were at ‘Watch What Happens Live,’ and Eddie’s like, ‘I heard my wife went after you.’ He goes ‘Pfff, that’s nothing.’ Like we laughed about it. There’s people out there going, ‘Oh she’s going to lose her job now, she went against Andy.’ No, it’s good. He just texted me yesterday,” Tamra added.

The “Losers”

When Tamra was fired back in 2020, she said everyone on the cast kept talking about her. Obviously, this means she was absolutely justified in calling them “losers.”

“It was the girls saying things like, ‘She’s satan.’ And all these things. So do you think, knowing me, I’m going to sit back and just go, ‘Yeah, okay, I’m not going to say a word about that.’ So, yeah, I did say things [about my co-stars]. I absolutely said things. And I told Andy, I go, ‘Is that okay?’ And he’s like, ‘Hmmm, I get your point now,’” Tammy Sue shared.

Yeah, we’ll have to see how much water that holds when contracts go out. Stay tuned.