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Lala Kent “Slid Into A Man’s DM For The First Time” Since Randall Emmett Split

The Lala Kent and Randell Emett break up continues to unravel and implode. Every week we are being treated to a new news story about what the Vanderpump Rules star Lala has learned since the end of her five year relationship, and we all have front row seats thanks to her podcast, Give them Lala. 

I think at this point I’m starting to get a little bored of the Randall exposés and allegations, and it may seem that Lala is ready to move on also. This week she revealed in her podcast that she took the brave step of “popping her DM cherry” and sliding into someone’s DMs. According to US Weekly, Lala confessed “I had a fantastic holiday, and I slid into a man’s DM for the first time since I was, like, 23. Yes, I did,”. She continued, “My first DM, the initial one, was just emojis and not even anything sexy — like, not even anything hot. … We, like, sparked a conversation, but I was like, ‘What does one say in someone’s DM?’”.

After five years with Randall, Lala says she was nervous about her flirtation skills given that she is only just starting to get back into the dating scene. The former couple broke up a few months ago in November 2021 just a few months after welcoming their now nine month old daughter Ocean Emmett.


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However, rumors were swirling before that when Randall seemingly seemed to disappear from Lala’s social media, along with cryptic likes on posts referencing cheating. Since then, Lala has repeatedly claimed that Randall was in fact unfaithful to her, and states that she has proof of this also. Randall for his part, has stayed silent and not responded to the barrage of ammo coming from Lala.

Luckily for Lala, her DMs did not go unnoticed as she got a response soon after – she can’t be that rusty after all! But it seems the Pump Rules star wants to keep her expectations low. “Like I said, I don’t have any expectations with it, but it went well … just talking to a man who’s not my previous relationship, it’s just like, ‘This is fun,’ and obviously I have a little bit of a game left if there’s communication happening,” she further added, “It has less to do with the dude and more with the fact that I re-popped my DM cherry, and I think that is something to celebrate.”

She continued to explain that her daughter, Ocean, is her priority right now alongside her career. But who knows, maybe by the next season of Vanderpump Rules we might be seeing a new man in Lala’s life.


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