Brock Davies Claps Back After Lala Kent Shaded His Finances On Vanderpump Rules

The latest episode of Vanderpump Rules showed Brock Davies seemingly poaching for favors from Randall Emmett to set up a dream engagement/wedding to Scheana Shay.  After the planned venue fell through, Brock was trying to score a new one from his director friend.

Lala Kent skewered Brock after he came to Randall with a vision of proposing to his lady love and walking her down the aisle in the same moment.  The grunt work of organizing the event somehow fell onto Randall and Lala’s assistants and Randall’s former fiance spoke on camera alleging that Brock went radio silent when the issue of payment came up.

Now, the outspoken Aussie is sharing his side of the story, explaining that poor editing led to the misconception that he’s broke. The loved-up couple appeared on Harry Jowsey’s podcast to spill the tea on the drama.

Pumprulesbravo shared a few clips of the interview on Instagram.  Brock started off by explaining that he separates his professional and personal finances.  Seems reasonable.

Brock said, “There’s a spin on the story lines that come out.  And it’s like we said before, like, it’s one version or the other.  But it’s like, real quickly, I’m not going to pay for my photo shoot or my wedding, sorry, from my business account.  Like I said, I spent $400 grand on building it out.

“It was your engagement, not the wedding,” Scheana clarified.

Brock continued, “So my engagement slash wedding was going to cost a fair amount.  It got canceled because of covid restrictions, we couldn’t get a venue on time.  And then they spun it, and it’s coming out this week, it was spun out as if I couldn’t afford to do any of this.  I spent so much money on my Homebody brand and the photo shoot and all this s–t, but I can’t afford to take care of my wife? Which, fast forward six months to today, it turns out she can’t afford to take care of her husband, fiance.”


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And just to clarify that he and Lala are most definitely NOT ok in real time, Brock added, “Her cookie wasn’t the cookie to eat.”

Brock suggested that Lala herself wouldn’t mix her accounts.  “It is what it is,” he said, “she said some stuff and I’m not ok with it.  Do you take money from your business for your personal life?”

The irony of Lala’s comments after Randall’s own financial issues wouldn’t have escaped Brock, and he seemed to allude to his nemesis’ former flashy lifestyle.  He concluded, “Never happens.  So don’t assume that I’m going to take money to afford a nice lifestyle for you [Scheana] from my business’ money because I’ll never to that. Simple.  And that’s where we’re at, that’s the best tea you got coming for ya.”

Well, Scheana did say that Brock got into more drama this season that she did.  It’s not disappointing at all.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]