Porsha Williams’ Cousin Explains Refusing To Film For Porsha’s Family Matters; Says She Knew They Wanted To “Create A Fake Narrative”

I’m not so sure Porsha’s Family Matters is working out *exactly* the way Porsha Williams had intended. The show, which centers on Porsha, her new fiancé Simon Guobadia, and her daughter’s father Dennis McKinley, has really shown a new side the true side of Porsha.

It’s been obvious from the jump, in my opinion, that Porsha was a mess. She tried to out her ex-husband for being gay after giving us relentless baby-making story lines. She fancies herself a civil rights “symbol” who somehow didn’t know what the Underground Railroad was within this current decade – then got upset Kandi Burruss tried to involve herself in systemic nature of the BLM movement. Porsha has been in no less than 3 physical altercations on Real Housewives of Atlanta (with some gracious editing).

Let’s not forget spreading literal rape accusations/lies on camera. I could go on. And now she’s jumping on a former cast-mates uber rich husband before the ink on the divorce papers is dry? Spare me.

Porsha’s Family Matters could hardly gather enough friends and family who actually tolerate Porsha from the looks of it. Most of her pals thus far seem to have taken Dennis McKinley’s side of things. Embarrassing. Porsha’s cousin Terrica has since weighed in on why she refused to be a part of filming. In an Instagram story reshared by the @peachreportaily Terrica wrote, “One thing I don’t stand for is disrespect. I don’t care who you are…you don’t disrespect anyone’s mother.”

Of course, Terrica is referring to Porsha’s FOURTH physical altercation on the Bravo screen. The latest involved her going up with Mama GinaDennis’ mother. Porsha threw punches, tried to claw her way past Simon to get back in the action, and was even throwing what looked to be set equipment at her child’s grandmother. Terrica issued an apology to Mama Gina on her family’s behalf.

“Many have asked my opinions on the show, so here it is,” Terrica continued. “I’m glad that I declined to do the show after being asked to be on there. I don’t agree with a lot that’s being portrayed…but what I am grateful & thankful for is that the world gets to truly see who Dennis and Mama Gina are.”


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Dennis, for what it’s worth, has come away from Porsha’s Family Matters looking like the protagonist. He has showed up to filming and events, had vulnerable conversations with Porsha’s family and friends, and simply been comparatively logical throughout the series. Terrica co-signed Dennis’ character saying that he has checked in on her and her family almost every day since her mother (Porsha’s Aunt) passed away. She added, “No one can say anything bad about them or disrespect them in my book.”

Terrica explained that she didn’t want to be on the spin-off show because she “knew initially they wanted to create a fake “narrative” that Porsha has a “village” that agree to all her BS.” The tea is hot today people! When asked if she still talks to her cousin Terrica revealed, “Nope. After not hearing from [Porsha] or Diane since my moms passed & then months later asked to do a show. Absolutely not! I’m not a seat filler.”


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Terrica also gave her opinion on Porsha and Simon’s relationship in total. She threw in some hashtags like, #whenyoucantcontrolthenarrative and #thereliesthetruth. She explained, “I don’t agree with messing around better yet being engaged to a married man which I told her my thoughts. And her response (amongst a few other words) “Be Blessed” and oh have the lord been blessing me.”

Here’s to hoping we are blessed with even more nightmare fuel as Porsha’s Family Matters comes to a close. Then may Porsha fade from the Bravosphere indefinitely. Amen.


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