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Porsha Williams Asked Bravo To Cut Convo With Kandi Burruss About Race; Porsha Slams Kenya For Trying To Make Black Women Start “Arguing On This Show About Black Lives Matter”

It was no surprise that Season 13 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta was going to tackle the Black Lives Matter movement head-on. Porsha Williams became an outspoken advocate for justice reform, even getting arrested at protests last year. All of the ladies are champions of the movement in their own way, whether it’s on social media, in protests, or in the board rooms of their various businesses.

However, the RHOA ladies are still shady at heart and couldn’t help but get into a scuffle over how each person approached showing their support. And it’s obvious by now that when it comes to Kenya Moore and Porsha, they will never be on the same page, even when it comes to issues they agree on.

We saw one scene of Twirl being shady AF to Kandi Burruss about Porsha Luther King’s arrest and efforts. Kenya’s been quoted accusing Porsha of only being the face of the BLM movement for “TV purposes.” The feud was short-lived, but a recent article by Vulture outlining Bravo’s racial reckoning has opened old wounds between Porsha, Kenya and Kandi.

According to The Jasmine Brand, Kandi emailed an RHOA producer to push Bravo to go further with their programs about racial justice. The network allegedly wanted to have an open conversation with Bravolebrities about racism on its website and Instagram, Kandi suggested they air it on a prime-time slot. And it worked because Bravo aired two special episodes of Race in America. “We always say ‘Bravolebrities.’ Those are our friends in our heads,” Kandi said to Vulture. “If people have the opportunity to hear their friends in their heads say, ‘Yeah, we even deal with these situations,’ then it’ll help them look at it differently.”


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Outside from suggesting a special, Kandi also pushed for the network to utilize more Black-owned production companies, hire more Black executives and offer internships exclusively for HBCU students. “Not any of the people that I’ve had any experience with at Bravo are racist or come off as racist to me,” Kandi said. “But if you don’t have enough African Americans around you that are also in your ears saying, ‘Oh, this will be a great idea,’ you’re just not informed.” OK, Kandi X. 

Apparently, Porsha, Marlo Hampton, and Tanya Sam were not fans of Kandi sending the email without consulting them first. “They say they were upset because I did not include them. But we all have our way that we’re helping with the movement,” Kandi said. And she’s right — they’re all fighting for the same cause. Getting too caught up with particulars isn’t exactly helpful.


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Kandi dropped the bomb that she was filmed addressing Porsha about the texting debacle. But Bravo didn’t air it, opting to air Kenya’s shading scene instead, which is something Porsha addressed in an Instagram Live after the Vulture article dropped. “The way Kenya is putting it out there that I asked the Bravo exec to not play a scene of Kandi and I having an argument, having a fight, me dogging Kanding about her efforts concerning Black Lives Matter, is simply not true,” she said. She went on to explain that it was mostly a misunderstanding and the unseen footage is actually a boring, low-key exchange between the two to clear the air.

And Porsha is not happy about Kenya using the simple miscommunication as tea. “This is not a good look. We as black women should not be arguing on this show about Black Lives Matter,” P said. “I just didn’t like the way [the scene] was going to come off. I don’t have power over editing, nobody does. So at the end of the day, if they decide to chop it up, or maybe it just didn’t show right, I didn’t want the narrative to be out there that Black women on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, instead of being responsible, doing something for the community and being effective, instead we’re on there arguing about what Kandi didn’t do, what Porsha didn’t do, and what NeNe [Leakes] didn’t do.”


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Porsha apparently explained this all to Bravo execs, who agreed that it wouldn’t “be a good look.” She has a point — PLK is obviously passionate about the movement. And it’s clear that people against it will point out any mishap to discredit it. But this also is a lot for just a simple misunderstanding.

Porsha’s Instagram live goes on and on with receipts from Kandi, NeNe, Marlo and Tanya communicating about their various support of the movement in a calm and honest way. But Kandi recently responded to Porsha’s Instagram live to basically ask why she was doing so much. “At the end of the day the article talked about a scene that was … not used in the show or whatever,” Kandi says in a video reposted by The Peach Report. “Honestly, there were things in that scene that were not a positive look in her eyes and so with that being said, she wasnt happy about it then and of course she’s not happy about it being discussed now.”


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So it seems like really this article re-opened old wounds that Kandi and Porsha have already discussed and moved on. The same obviously can’t be said for Porsha and Kenya. And maybe even Porsha and Marlo at this point. We’ll have to wait for next week’s reunion to see for ourselves.


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