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Denise Richards Says Relationship With Daughter Sami Sheen Is “Strained”

It’s no easy feat being a mom. Especially when raising kids in the public eye after a contentious divorce. Denise Richards knows first hand. The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills only partially featured her kids when she appeared on the show. But she tried her best to protect them from a few filming incidents, which earned the ire of her castmates. Amid rumors of a relationship with Brandi Glanville, Denise left the show and didn’t look back.

But it’s recently come out in the press that Denise and her eldest daughter with ex-husband Charlie Sheen have been on the outs. Sami Sheen, who is still at minor at 17, is current living with her dad Charlie. As reported by People, Denise took to Jeff Lewis’ Sirius XM show to share some details on where the mother and daughter stand. Denise started, “Honestly, I have a strained relationship with her. It’s very difficult. I know we’ll get back to where we were eventually but right now, it is strained.”

Denise and Charlie also share daughter Lola Sheen, who is 16 and still living with Denise and current husband, Aaron Phypers. Denise has a younger daughter, Eloise Richards, who Aaron is in the process of adopting.

When Jeff asked if Denise was happy about Sami living with Charlie, she responded, “Obviously I would love for her to live with me. She lived with me all these years.” Denise continued, “But I think it’s very difficult raising teenagers now and especially in Los Angeles when there’s access to everything. We didn’t grow up with Postmates and Uber where you have everything that you want. There are certain rules and I enforce them. And [at Charlie’s], there’s different rules at that house and that’s okay.”


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Denise also admits that Sami is “not in school” and she doesn’t “agree with certain things” that Charlie does. She added, “But that’s okay. We can agree to disagree.” Denise also clarified that she’s “not a strict mom” but does have “rules and boundaries.”

The road leading up to this has been rocky between Denise and Sami. Back in September, Sami posted a Tok Tok. It read, “1 year ago today: trapped in an abusive household, hated myself, would go days without eating or sleeping, insanely depressed, hated school, etc… finally moved out of the hell house, had a spiritual awakening, own 2 cats, happy single, full of self love, and dropped out of high school.” Sami later deleted the video.


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A source claimed that Denise wishes things were different. Said the source, “She would love for the kids, when she has to film, to stay in her nice house but they go to ‘Wonderland’ where they can get anything they want.” They claimed that “everything is a big party” at Charlie’s house.

But another source said, “Charlie is a terrific dad and his daughters adore him. They enjoy being with him. Charlie is a strict father but fair. The girls have rules at Charlie’s house, which includes homework and curfew. The girls are polite and smart and funny and a joy to be with.”


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