Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills After Show

Teddi Mellencamp Calls Denise Richards “Hypocritical”; Kyle Richards Agrees & Questions Denise For Talking About Her Sex Life On Real Housewives

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finally returned this week! Which meant reigniting the feud between Denise Richards and the other ‘Wives over mom-shaming, mansplaining and sex talk hypocrisy.

Coming back from hiatus, Bravo also launched this season’s RHOBH After Show. In this week’s edition, Teddi Mellencamp takes Denise to task for her holier-than-thou attitude with some help from Kyle Richards.

To me, all of it is so hypocritical,” she opined on the After Show. “At that dinner where the other women are talking about threesomes, Denise was talking about Aaron [Phypers] as well. So it’s not like she wasn’t a part of the conversation at all.”

(This is true, considering a flashback during the segments showed the RHOBH star once again referencing her hubby’s “big penis and big muscles.”)


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Ever the accountability coach, Teddi was also irked that Denise allowed her youngest daughter to have a ring-side seat to the ‘Wives smackdown at her home, especially after getting so up in arms about her teenagers being within earshot of their more provocative girl talk.

“She let [daughter] Eloise sit there and just watch everybody coming at Kyle and Kyle break down,” Teddi explained. “I don’t want my kids to hear about threesomes, but I also don’t want my kids to see me fighting. It was just like…that is messed up. And now you’re gonna turn it around on everybody else?”


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Teddi continued: “I get revved…because it’s like, I remember sitting at the table and doing my best not to judge the situation of what was happening because I was like, ‘This isn’t OK.’ And then to hear in hindsight that she was the one upset about other people’s behavior? I was like, ‘This is beyond to me.'”

Naturally, Kyle chimed in too, agreeing with the other half of her package deal about their cast mate’s perceived hypocrisy. “I cannot say this enough: of course I would not want that conversation [about threesomes] in front of my children,” the OG said.


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She continued, “But it just seems like she wants to say that to project this image, and then she goes and says about the happy endings, you know, that she had sex in Aaron‘s office, and that they’re going to the strip club. Like, your kids are seeing that! She wasn’t trying to say something to us; she was trying to make us look bad.”


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]