Lisa Vanderpump Gives An Update On Her Health After Scary Horseback Riding Accident

A few weeks ago, Lisa Vanderpump suffered a fall from one of her horses, with painful results. The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and Vanderpump Rules house mother suffered multiple fractures to her leg in addition to a bruised back. Husband Ken Todd, who witnessed the event, said he never wanted to let her ride again. He said of the incident, “I was there. When I saw her thrown off, I couldn’t believe it. I was in shock. I ran over there, and she was just on the floor, and she knew that she’d broken her leg straightaway.”

Now Lisa is giving us an update on her health and recovery. She recently spoke with Daily Mail and said she was healing “ahead of schedule.” She added, “I am doing so much better thanks to Dr. [Kenneth] Jung, and his brilliant talents as an orthopedic surgeon. It was such a devastating fall and break, I’m just so lucky and thankful that I didn’t break my back.” Lisa fractured her leg in four places and had to have surgery and is wearing a boot on her leg while she heals.

Lisa continued, “At first my back was so badly bruised, but it is healing very well. Dr. Jung has told me that I am progressing very well and I’m ahead of schedule. I certainly won’t let this get the better of me.”

Despite being in pain, Lisa has doctors check ups to attend so has no choice but to head out. She admitted, “Of course I’m in pain. But, I’m doing physio, massage, icing constantly and walking around on crutches. I can now put 25% weight on my leg.” She went on, “I never thought two weeks ago that I’d be doing so much better today. I’ve had so much wonderful support from Ken, my kids and friends. I’m so grateful.”


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Indeed, LVP’s support system is strong. She took to Instagram to give well-wishers an update. Her post read, “Thank you for all the well wishes and beautiful flowers, I am doing much better after surgery! 4 fractures in my leg and a badly bruised back, but I am on the road to recovery! I will be back in the saddle of life soon!” The post featured 5 slides of the beautiful flowers she received from friends. She also just posted a picture of her petting her horse while on crutches. She captioned the post, “Reunited and it feels so good.”

Her publicist, Phil Lobel, said in a statement, “I wish her a speedy recovery so the two can ride again soon.” He explained that the horse Lisa was riding is named Prince Tardon. She has had the stallion for about 7 years after she saw him in a horse show. Said Phil, “She has owned and ridden horses her entire life and the producers gave her a tour of the stables at the show, and introduced her to Tardon, a horse they were about to retire.”

Clearly, LVP still loves her riding companion and said of the steed, “When the horse fell, he jumped over me after I landed on the ground. I can happily report that HRH Prince Tardon is doing fine now.”


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Phil concluded that “riding is one of the constant joys in [Lisa’s] life” and that Prince Tardon the horse “even understands Lisa’s commands in French. It’s a mutual admiration.”


[Photo Credit: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images]