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Fans Slam Yolanda Hadid For Allowing Daughter Bella Hadid To Get A Nose Job At 14 Years Old

Yolanda Hadid solidified herself as one of the most hated housewives after her 4 season tenure on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. During that time, she fought for her health against a diagnosis of Lyme disease. Yolanda sought out all kinds of treatments, vitamins, and forms of alternative medicine. She was regularly shown sick and in bed. But the real storyline was Lisa Rinna accusing her of having Munchausen syndrome. And her castmates didn’t really step up to defend her. Well, Erika Jayne did but maybe she’s not the best example right now. Anyway.

One would think that would make Yolanda a sympathetic figure in the world of housewives. But Yolanda regularly outraged viewers in the treatment of her three minor (at the time) children. Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid and Anwar Hadid all eventually became models, just like Yolanda. And it seemed like she worked pretty hard to get them there. Who could forget Yolanda telling Gigi to eat three almonds? And noted to chew slowly when the teenager mentioned she was feeling light headed at a modeling shoot? Or saying she wanted Gigi to give up volleyball so she wouldn’t look too muscular. While Bella and Anwar were younger and mostly left out of the conversation, we are now learning that Bella might have felt some pressure too.

In an interview with Vogue, Bella revealedthat she got a nose job at the tender age of 14. Which is something she has been denying for years. Yolanda previously came to Bella’s defense and denied it too. But Bella is coming clean now and expressing regret about her rhinoplasty. She admitted, “I wish I had kept the nose of my ancestors. I think I would have grown into it.” As reported by Page Six, Yolanda is now taking some serious heat for Bella’s shocking confession.


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Social media lit up with tons of Yolanda hate. Twitter users went wild over the idea that Yolanda would allow her young daughter to get plastic surgery. One user tweeted, “Yolanda is… I’m sorry but she’s a terrible mother. She’s encouraged disordered eating and eating disorders in the name of ‘maintenance’ in both of her girls and let her barely out of preteens daughter get cosmetic surgery??”

Another seethed, “Yolanda is a ghoul who did an absolute number on her children, and whatever Bella is ready to admit now is her choice but it’s important for young women reading this (and holding themselves to the same crushing standards) to understand that the rest is not just ‘face tape.’”

People also took issue with the cultural significance of Bella being half Palestinian and therefore, having features that might not be traditionally “white.” One angry user said, “Yolanda really married a Palestinian man then got mad at her kids for having the features to prove it.” Bella’s dad is Mohamed Hadid, who was regularly featured on RHOBH while Yolanda was on the show.


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Speaking of, it’s important to note that Mohamed, the father, is being left out of the conversation. Sure, Yolanda was the one we saw pushing their modeling careers. But Mohamed is their father too. And was known for dating models half his age. So I have a hard time believing he didn’t have any input in this.

Mohamed aside, users also noted how Yolanda treated her daughters differently and how it could have influenced Bella. One tweet read, “The way yolanda would constantly describe [Bella’s sister] gigi as her ‘perfect ralph lauren all american girl’ who got more of her Dutch genes than their dad’s Palestinian genes highlights how entrenched beauty standards are with whiteness and eurocentric features. i wanna give bella a big hug.”


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