Karen Huger RHOP Real Housewives Of Potomac

Karen Huger’s Real Housewives Spin-Off Special Premieres In April

It’s around this time of year I really start missing my Real Housewives of Potomac. Yes, we should be grateful that shows like Summer House and Real Housewives of Salt Lake City have been delivering since Nicki Minaj & co. signed off in November. But I need Karen Huger and Gizelle Bryant’s reasonably shady back and forth exchanges. The Sunday Scaries have been in full force since they’ve been MIA from my life.

Thankfully, Bravo is blessing us all with the gift of more La Dame in our futures. Karen has been riding the high of her “vowel” renewal with Ray Huger at the end of RHOP last season. She’s lighting three wicks every night and appreciating her successes. Now, she’s ready to debut her first-ever spinoff centered around her Surry County family, and it’s just what the doctor ordered.

E! News released the first trailer for Karen’s two-part spinoff Real Housewives of Potomac: Karen’s Grande Dame Reunion, set to premiere on April 17. The special is all about the Grande Dame’s family as they have their first-ever reunion down at the family farm. But the get-together is two-fold — Karen and her family must also figure out how to secure the future of their family’s historic Wooden Farm.

The spinoff goes all into the history of Karen’s family — back when her ancestors were slaves on the farm that her Aunt Val now operates. The Grande Dame is working to figure out the “next step in protecting what granddaddy, daddy, and everybody fought for so hard.” Maybe this is why Karen has been *allegedly* renting her homes. She might have to move back on the farm at a moment’s notice, for the sake of her family. Gizzy and Robyn Dixon definitely wouldn’t buy it.

Aside from figuring out the future generation of Wooden Farm, there’s plenty of Grande Dame’s unique style of comedy sprinkled throughout. We see Karen and the gang, including her mini-me Rayvin Huger, embark on the usual family-fun shenanigans like backyard barbecues and field day games. Karen and Ray also have their hand at hunting, which is a sight to behold.  The couple is clearly riding the high from their vow renewal, as Karen proudly tells everyone after she and Ray “knocked boots.” If I haven’t said it enough, thank you, Bravo. They always seem to know exactly what my TV rotation needs.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]