Karen Huger Is Not Worried About Real Housewives Vow Renewal Curse

Real Housewives of Potomac’s Karen Huger did the unthinkable on the October 31st season 6 finale. That’s right Bravo viewers: despite all the warnings, Karen and her husband Ray Huger renewed their vows for their 25th wedding anniversary, on air.

Discussing the joyous event with E! News, Karen explained, “Look, 25 years of marriage, that’s a reason alone [to celebrate], Karen continued, “Listen, I’m married to my best friend. I want Ray to be able to walk in his truth, in his authentic self and have a ball. And when he asked me over a year ago to renew my vows, it was his moment.” They celebrated the occasion with cameras rolling and the RHOP cast in attendance.

Karen divulged, “There was so much love and friendship and joy in that moment. I climbed the steps up to that man. The “Stairway to Heaven” is a Motown song if you ever heard it- “Climbing the Stairway to Heaven”- I climbed to my heaven that day, honey.” She raved, “That’s my man. I love him. It’s not a wedding, it’s just a vow renewal of friendship, love and family and I’m so grateful.”

“I’m still in love” Karen shared, describing the ceremony as “a very intoxicating moment of love and joy. Everybody got into the happy bubble.”

What then, one may ask, is so risky in the Bravoverse, about taking a moment to ceremoniously renew ones wedding vows on-air? The answer is technically, nothing, if you have a solid foundation… Karen stated, “I don’t believe in the curse, I believe if your marriage is gonna end, it’s gonna end anyway.”


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Karen, one for the theatre of life, was not about to let their moment be taken away from them, explaining, “I’m not going to skip such a historic moment in our relationship.” We love that Karen didn’t let a silly curse keep them from celebrating an amazing 25 year marriage. After all, 25 years is quite the feat, especially in the world of Bravo.

So, where does this age-old Bravo superstition come from? The Bravo wedding renewal curse seemingly began with Real Housewives of Orange County’s Vicki Gunvalson and Donn Gunvalson’s on-air vow renewal. Vicky revealed marital issues on the show prior to the renewal and proceeded to file for divorce from Donn roughly a year after the ceremony.

Real Housewives of New York City’s Ramona Singer and Mario Singer also renewed their vows on their show. They later split amidst Ramona’s allegations of infidelity on Mario’s part. RHOC’s Shannon Beador and David Beador were troubled from the start but seemed to be attempting to move on from David’s extramarital affair. They too, renewed their wedding vows on-air and proceeded to have arguably one of the most contentious Bravo divorces to date.

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas of Real Housewives of Atlanta had their own vow renewal misfortune. They were plagued with issues from the beginning and barely made it through their wedding as Cynthia’s family tried to sabotage the wedding license process. Some time after cheating rumours emerged during their marriage, Cynthia filed for divorce.


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The Grand Dame isn’t Wrong: We’re seeing a trend here with regards to shaky ground. Our magic 8 ball tells us, despite our Bravo superstitions, the outlook looks good for this Potomac power couple. Heck Karen, renew them every year like Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s Whitney Rose! Just please, don’t make us watch it.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]