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Paige DeSorbo Wants To Meet Kristin Cavallari Following Alleged Love Triangle; Still Wears Kristin’s Jewelry Collection

Paige DeSorbo is the reigning queen of Summer House. She is always down for a good time. But if she starts talking with her hands, you better watch out. I love Paige because she knows that she’s a catch, and never fails to let the men in her life know it (AKA Carl Radke when he wouldn’t hang with her on weekdays). Any woman who has Andrea Denver and Craig Conover fighting over them is just built different. I don’t make the rules.

Paige is also all about supporting her female friends too, which is also nice to see. She and Danielle Olivera are the voices of reason when it comes to exposing Austen Kroll’s demon ways. Also, when Craigy got a little fresh with Paige about the Kristin Cavallari of it all, she didn’t hesitate to let him know that she won’t be talked to like that. An absolute boss.

It still baffles me that The Hills is having a 2022 Bravo crossover, totally against KCav’s will. These Southern Charm boys just have a knack for creating issues for the ladies in their lives. Single Craig was not only indirectly responsible for the Bennifer reunion, but also for bringing Kristin into this mess. However, Craigy’s moved on and is even talking about wedding plans with Paige. And Paige, like the queen she is, has no bad feelings toward Craig’s ex-lover.


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Craige (or Peg, as Andy Cohen gleefully pointed out) made their Watch What Happens Live debut as a couple this week. Of course, the Kristin Cavallari of it all was brought up, according to Us Weekly. Craig was pretty nonchalant about it, recognizing that Kristin wasn’t “happy” that she was a central plot point. But Paige had plenty more to say. “I still wear all her jewelry,” Paige proudly proclaimed. Paige isn’t the type of person to be petty over something like that. I just live for her being so unashamed on national TV.

Later on in the episode, Andy couldn’t resist bringing up the Hills alum yet again. Paige chimed in to admit that she still wants to meet KCav, not-so-subtly giving Craig the hint. Craigy might be uncomfortable being in the middle of a Paige and Kristin girl fest, but I think it’s amazing. He just needs to take a page from Shep Rose’s book about keeping friendly with your exes, since he’s the unofficial expert.


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