Summer House Star Lindsay Hubbard Calls Craig Conover “Arrogant And Narcissistic”

For not being a cast member, Craig Conover is certainly dominating storylines over on Summer House. While I love the Southern Charm star as much as a Loverboy spritzer, lately he’s getting on my last nerve.

Oh Craigy. Craigy, Craigy, Craigy. Literally, that’s all I could think while watching last night’s episode. That, and a constant headshake.  Who was the one who didn’t want an exclusive relationship.  Who got together with Kristin Cavallari? You don’t get to be pressed when Paige DeSorbo kisses Andrea Denver. During a game no less.

Let’s just step it back a bit. It’s not all about you, Craig. If you don’t want Paige kissing someone else, then let’s go ahead and make it official. Lock her down already. Oh wait… Well next time, let’s not take quite such a long time to do so. Hmmmm. Things will be a whole lot less messy.


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I like the self-deprecating, pillow making, voice of reason Craig. Not the everything is about me Craig he seems to be showcasing lately. Case in point, his first visit to Summer House. Lindsay Hubbard did the right thing and let Paige know the truth behind the Kristin, Craig, and Austen Kroll rumors. But, instead of owning his own behavior, Craig took it upon himself to lambast Lindsay, calling her a “loser.” No, just no. Take some accountability Mister. And apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Lindsay and her official boo, Carl Radke, showed up on Watch What Happens Live to talk about all things Summer House with Andy Cohen. A cute couple from Oslo asked if Craig had ever apologized to Lindsay. Followed by, “and, on a scale of 1 to 10, how big of a loser do you think Craig is?” Nicely done.

“No, Craig never apologized. I think he tried to early the next morning. But I hadn’t had my coffee yet. So, I gave him the hand.” Linds also admitted that, “in all fairness I also called him a loser… so it doesn’t bother me.” Touche. Way to keep it classy.


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Lindsay explained that we all say things we don’t mean in the heat of the moment. I think she actually meant to say ‘when copious amounts of alcohol have been consumed.’ But that’s just me.

Continuing on to answer the question, Lindsay replied, “Do I really think he’s a loser? No. Do I think he’s other things? Probably.” Andy jumped in to ask the question we were all thinking. “What other things?” “I mean, I just think that he is a little bit narcissistic and arrogant, “responded Lindsay matter-of-factly. You go girl. Gotta love Lindsay and the low-key shade she manages to throw around, while simultaneously making everything seem hunky dorey.

Andy then quipped. “I mean, could the same not be said for 98 percent of the people on Bravo?” Ouch! Present company included?


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]