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Sutton Stracke Denies Accusation That Kathy Hilton Used A Slur Against Her Assistant During Filming Of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Once again, Kathy Hilton seems to be at the forefront of the drama on the upcoming season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Which is quite the task for someone who is just a “friend of.” But rumors from filming have been leaking left and right. No doubt trying to get fans invested in the upcoming season. And so many of them have revolved around Kathy.

At least one is being cleared up. As reported by Reality Blurb, Sutton Stracke is putting one particularly upsetting rumor to rest. On Sutton’s Instagram page, a fan asked, “Did Kathy Hilton really use a slur when talking about your assistant?” Sutton simply replied, “No.” I’m glad to hear that it wasn’t true.

But it seems that the issue might end up being a showdown on the upcoming season, thanks to Erika Jayne. According to a source, “Erika Jayne [and] Kathy Hilton are not on speaking terms after Erika Jayne revealed a stunning allegation against Kathy Hilton in the fallout of their cast trip to Aspen, Colorado. Erika alleges that Kathy made a harsh slur against an employee off-camera.” After that, the source claimed, “Kathy never faced Erika after she made the accusation and ceased filming with the group afterwards.”

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time Kathy has been accused of mistreating an employee. After a chaotic cast trip to Aspen, gossip ran wild that Kathy had it out with an employee at an exclusive club. During a night out with her castmates, Kathy allegedly tried to request a song from the DJ. When another employee got involved, a verbal fight between the two broke out. Kathy ‘s manager emphatically denied the claim. She stated, “Everything that’s being brought up is a lie and being refuted. Kathy did not say it. It’s been squashed and keeps resurfacing.”

In addition, the cast is seemingly at odds with Kathy too. Lisa Rinna did a post and delete, suggesting that Kathy sent her a cease and desist after one of their fights. Kathy and her reps once again denied the claim. But Lisa went after Kathy again when she didn’t attend the season finale party for RHOBH. Kathy’s rep confirmed that she didn’t miss it out of spite and that “this was all planned way in advance. Production was always aware of the schedule.” Whew, Kathy’s rep and manager are really working overtime, here. I hope they get a raise.

So what exactly is going on? Again, for a “friend of” the cast, Kathy really is causing quite the stir. Is it all much ado about nothing? Or is Kathy going to be the newest villain to hit the franchise? Regardless of whether or not any of the rumors are true, all this publicity and intrigue worked. Because I will definitely be tuning in.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]