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Lisa Rinna Calls Out Kathy Hilton For Missing A Filmed Event; Kathy’s Manager Claps Back

Something is amiss in Beverly Hills. As we all know, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are filming season 12. And it has produced a ton of gossip and rumors – especially from their cast trip to Aspen. One such rumor was that Erika Jayne was piled up on by the cast for her alleged drinking amid all of her legal troubles. Reports that Lisa Rinna came to her rescue and even stopped production over it. The rumor was later debunked when a source claimed, “Lisa stepped into a scene where the girls were piling up on Erika and being really mean to her, so Lisa pulled her out and took her home. When Lisa pulled Erika out they kept on filming and they filmed them in the sprinter on the way back to the house. They were filmed on the private jet and then they all went home.”

While Lisa was busy saving Erika’s hide, it looks like she might have made a different enemy on the cast. It was reported that Rinna received a cease and desist from Kathy Hilton. Rinna was happy to fuel the gossip by posting to her Instagram stories, “Oh damn are we back to cease and desist? Ooof.” She quickly deleted it, but screen shots last forever! We aren’t sure how Kathy was connected to this but Kathy’s rep came out to confirm it absolutely is not true. Kathy’s rep said that she “has not sent a C&D to Rinna.”

But Rinna clearly has some kind of standing issue with Kathy. The Instagram account @therealhousewiveszone posted a screen grab of Rinna calling out Kathy for attending former President Donald Trump’s Super Bowl party. The original picture and tweet, showed Kathy smiling with two other women. The caption read, “Kathy Hilton, mother of Paris Hilton, was at Trump’s Super Bowl party.” Lisa then added it to her Instagram stories and said, “OH THAT’S WHERE SHE WAS!!!!!”

Although it’s unclear, Lisa might have been alluding to the fact that Kathy didn’t film the RHOBH season 12 finale. As reported by Radar Online, Kathy’s manager said Kathy and her husband had previous plans to be in Palm Beach. Which production was aware of.

Her manager went on to squash the rumors that Kathy refused to film. Said her manager, “Kathy did not refuse to film. Our friend, Vera, lost her husband a year ago last week. Vera lives in Palm Beach. Kathy and Rick [Hilton] have always planned on being in Palm Beach this weekend with her for the week.” She continued, “Kathy’s also hosting a charity event with her daughter, Nicky [Hilton], in Palm Beach on Wednesday. It’s the Hope For Depression Research Foundation, founded by one of Kathy’s oldest and dearest friends, Audrey Gruss. So this was all planned way in advance. Production was always aware of the schedule.”

In addition to her previous plans, the manager noted that Kathy is a “friend” so Bravo didn’t have an issue with Kathy not attending. “Friends of” don’t always appear for every episode, much like main cast members. Apparently Kathy filmed on a Thursday and went to Palm Beach on a Friday. Her final scene included her sister, Kyle Richards, and Rinna. The Manager went on, “Kathy filmed with Kyle on Thursday, and Lisa came over and she filmed with the two of them. That was how her arch ended. I was there. That was the plan. And she was filmed last week.”

She added, “Originally, she was gonna film with Dorit [Kemsley] on Saturday, but the location fell through, so then they moved it, and she filmed with Kyle on Thursday before she left for Palm Beach. Lisa was coming over, so she filmed with Lisa as well.” The manager then clarified, “And as far as fighting with people and stuff, I mean, that’s what these shows do. She filmed with Lisa Thursday. It was what it was, but she did it and she’s done with the season. And she’ll see everyone when she starts doing the promotions and all that.”

As for the rumors that Kathy got into a fight with a staff member at a private club the women were partying at, her manager denies that as well. She maintained, “Everything that’s being brought up is a lie and being refuted. Kathy did not say it. It’s been squashed and keeps resurfacing.” Her manager continued, “Who are these sources because we’ve been told that it’s Erika and that it’s Lisa but that Lisa has not been able to corroborate anything because she didn’t hear it, so it’s like this is all hearsay. Lisa has very clearly stated that Erika told her this, but she never heard it. And so different outlets have gotten different stories about this. That’s why the story has not run, it’s because there is no second person that heard this.”

Kathy’s manager insisted, “They were in Aspen. There were several different things that happened that weekend, as you know. In a coffee shop, something happened with Lisa talking about Erika. There were different arguments that went on throughout the weekend. The guy saying, ‘Kathy, go back to L.A.,’ Kathy being upset, that’s all true. We’re not saying it’s not. Kathy was upset. We’re not refuting that.”

This all stems back to an insider claiming that Erika was present for Kathy’s dust up. And Erika reported back to Rinna that Kathy used foul language. Lisa, always ready to stir the pot, supposedly ran with it. Said the source, “What they’ve been told is that Erika heard Kathy say something bad, but no one else could corroborate because no one else heard it. Kathy didn’t even have a conversation with Erika, wasn’t sitting next to her. She was way across the room from her, and it was really loud in there. So I don’t know how Erika heard what she thinks she heard, but it’s a very fishy scenario.”

The source continued, “The other thing that was being said was that Lisa was going to back up Erika in saying that she also believes Kathy said this thing, but she did not hear her say it.” They went on to say, “Kathy is really upset about the whole thing. It’s a lie, it’s defamatory, it’s hurtful, it’s not necessary. It’s one thing to say she had a blowup, but to come up with a lie [is another].”


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Kathy’s manager agreed, and stated, “She loves all these girls, but she’s flabbergasted. Look, we all understand about making good TV, but she’s just in shock that somebody would take it to this level. Whether it’s to create a diversion from themselves for something else, I don’t know. But she’s in shock.”

Her manager concluded of the incident, “She didn’t do it. It shouldn’t be out there. This should be a dead story. It’s not a nice thing. She’s not like that. Nobody should have to go through this kind of nonsense. Just to make a story? There’s better ways to go about creating excitement and drama than putting someone’s reputation on the line with a lie. I think she was taken aback by that. … Everything from the last two weeks has been a ‘wow’ moment.”


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