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Lindsay Hubbard Blames Paige DeSorbo For Her Fight With Ciara Miller

Did Lindsay Hubbard completely forget there are cameras all over the Summer House? Just like there were cameras all over Winter House showing Ciara Miller’s strong (albeit misguided) interest in Austen Kroll? I’m not saying Lindsay has to care about Ciara’s feelings. I’m saying she has to admit she doesn’t see Ciara as someone worthy of having her feelings respected. Lindsay should keep it as real as the fact that she could (and does) get any other man to play with when necessary. So why did she pick Austen?

Whatever anyone wants to say about Lindsay having “claim” over Austen is fine. Could she at least engage in a conversation with her love-sick roommate, though? What am I missing? This ‘grown woman’ man-flaunting newbie-hating schtick is giving stale elder-Housewife. And now, during an interview with Us Weekly, Lindsay is passing the blame game down to Paige DeSorbo.

“I was pretty surprised to see the way that [Paige] wound Ciara up to incite the violence that ensued [with] the wine at Andrea [Denver]’s poor love dinner. I was kind of shocked to see that,” Lindsay shared. I think she’s referring to a conversation Paige and Ciara had well before the dinner conversation took place. She’s also leaving out Danielle Olivera’s influence in this entire debacle. It’s not as if Ciara left Paige and immediately started flinging glassware.


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“I really thought I had a good summer with Paige,” Lindsay deflected. “I legitimately left the summer [thinking], ‘Wow, Paige and I got along more than we have. We laughed and we shared more things with each other. We related on different topics more so than we have in past summers.’ I was pretty surprised to see the amount of s–t talking that she did.” Yea Linds, and we were all surprised to watch your climb up a known cheater/lipless side-part and brag about it later.

Lindsay persisted, “When Ciara initiated the conversation, it was very clear to me that she wanted to speak and wanted me to listen. I knew that if I said anything, it was gonna be World War 3. So, I stayed calm and didn’t engage, which I thought quite frankly, was the most mature thing that I could do in that moment considering how angry she seemed to be.”


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“I was just taking it on the chin because I knew that if I engaged it would’ve exploded. So Danielle decided to step in and it still exploded,” Lindsay recalled. At which point is any of this Paige’s fault, though? Someone make it make sense.

Lindsay decided to sprinkle in one more insult. She added, “The girlfriends that I have in my life, my absolute best friends, they are all very inspiring women who typically are entrepreneurs who have deep connections. And I think that Ciara, being treated [badly] by a guy and blaming it on a girl, that’s not the kind of friend that I want.”

So there we have it. If anyone is looking for a friend who will systematically and publicly make out with your love interest against your wishes, Lindsay Hubbard is available!


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