Lindsay Hubbard Thinks It’s Possible To Repair Friendship With Austen Kroll

Summer House & Winter House cast member Lindsay Hubbard seems to be in a really good space now that she is in love with old friend and Summer House castmate Carl Radke. Linds is sending good vibes to all, even to old friend/crush/frenemy/hook up/enemy/ Southern Charm cast member Austen Kroll.

Manbaby Austen and Linds struck up and nurtured a long friendship. Neither seemed to ever be single at the same time throughout their years of friendship. Fast forward to Winter House premiere, Austen was no longer attached to thirsty Madison Lecroy and Linds was riding solo. She admittedly walked in she had some high hopes for a possible romantic connection with Austen in Vermont. That did not happen. A love triangle instead was created, which failed on each point.

The pair flirted, Linds made a cringeworthy drunk confession that she was in love with her bestie, and Austen shot her down. Pouring salt on the wound, manbaby decided to lead on cast member Ciara Miller and ultimately blow her off too. Which is absolutely mind blowing!

Any man should be thanking the universe and boasting to anyone who will listen if stunning Ciara shows interest in them. Not manbaby,  he found a way to whine about not having been on a date since before Madison,  not being ready for a relationship,…etc… Carl and Kyle Cooke both publicly agreed Ciara was too good for Austen.

But it didn’t end there. Austen visited Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and played a game that involved choosing either Linds or Ciara. Austen awkwardly choose Ciara with Lindsay sitting in the front row with his sister. OUCH. She decided to take a break from the friendship and unfollowed him on social media.


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According to a story in Us Weekly, Linds was horrified, “I can’t be [OK] with keeping that kind of person in my life. Like, I spend so much time caring and nurturing for my friendships and being the best friend I can be to everyone around me,” she said. “If it’s not going to be reciprocated [after] almost four years of friendship and if it’s still not there, then I don’t need to train a 34-year-old man how to be a good friend to me.”

But time and being in love with Carl has softened Linds. Apparently, she is not closing the door on her friendship with manbaby. But it does sound like she is keeping him at a distance.

“This is not the first time Austen and I have gotten into any sort of tiff,” said Linds. “That’s what happens when you have a close friendship with somebody when you’re very, very close — and you’re best friends or you consider yourselves best friends — you’re bound to get into some sort of fight. It’s just, unfortunately, this one was very public. So yeah, I don’t think that our friendship is over. I think it will repair, [but] it might not look the same as it did before.”

Linds has clearly moved on from the Austen drama and as a result now bestows the title of bestie on BF Carl.


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“He’s always been my best friend,” Linds said. “I mean, we [have] sort of always done everything together. He moved into the building a year ago. We work out together, we go to the grocery store together. It’s the convenience of being in the same building and you do a lot together.”

The couple initially denied dating rumors last year despite matching Halloween costumes and spending time together over the holidays. But the secret is out and now we get to watch in real time where this goes.


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