Lisa Rinna Reflects On “Brutal” First Mother’s Day Following Her Mom Lois Rinna’s Death

In the Real Housewives universe, it’s hard to not pick favorites. There are characters we love, and then those we sort of love to hate. For example, there are Kyle Richards fans and Lisa Vanderpump stans when it comes to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Those two groups of staunch supporters tend to not agree about their favs, to put it lightly. In recent seasons, Lisa Rinna and her pot-stirring ways have caused plenty of division among the fans.

Regardless of your opinion, Rinna is a bonafide RHOBH OG. Sure, she and Erika Jayne constantly bug me, but I can respect what Rinna has brought to the show. Additionally, the RHOBH fandom has come together in recent months to support Rinna and her fam after the tragic death of her mother, Lois Rinna.


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Lois was an RHOBH star in her own right. She danced like her daughter and instilled her “IDGAF what anyone thinks” attitude. Season 12 of RHOBH is set to air any day now, and we’ll have to watch Rinna mourn and try to move on from the tragic loss. In a series of vulnerable Instagram posts, Rinna tried to capture the immense sadness she feels celebrating Mothers’ Day without her mom for the first time.

First, Rinna posted a side-by-side of herself and Lois making the exact same facial expression. “I was feeling a sense of dread and I couldn’t figure out why, and then I realized that this will be the first Mother’s Day without Lois,” the caption read. Rinna’s honest sentiment is something anyone who has lost a loved one can relate to. It’s heartbreaking, but a shared sense of grief can sometimes bring a calming sense of togetherness. 


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Rinna then shared a hilarious video of Lois mimicking Ken Todd’s infamous “Goodbye Kyle” moment. Many RHOBH has recreated the iconic scene, but Lois might be the best one to do so. “I needed this today,” Rinna wrote alongside the video. In a separate video, Lois is shown making a grand entrance with a crown even LVP would have to admire. “To the Queen, we love you and miss you,” Rinna wrote. “This first Mother’s Day without you is Brutal.” Poor Rinna, my heart breaks for her.

Finally, Rinna shared an adorable throwback of Lois from her wedding day. She sent one final message of love to her mom in the caption. While it’s clearly so tough for Rinna, it’s nice she found a way to celebrate her mom through her grief. Our hearts go out to Rinna, Harry Hamlin, and their kids while they grapple with their loss.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]