Sutton Stracke Was Hurt When Fans Didn’t Like Her Outfits

Sutton Stracke didn’t always present her best side on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  She and fellow freshman housewife Crystal Kung Minkoff butted heads early on in Season 11, and their confrontations left Sutton completely flustered and in a tizzy.  As polished and refined as her upbringing was, the Georgia native often took conflicts to heart and failed to present arguments well.

And what of Sutton’s physical presentation?  Well, some of her choices were just as unique as Sutton herself.  RHOBH followers are on the fence.  Page Six shared Sutton’s reaction to harsh comments from fans regarding her fashion picks during the season.

“At first, it was hurtful when people didn’t seem to understand my fashion choices,” Sutton told the news outlet. “But now, I don’t pay any mind to comments and whatnot.”

It’s great that Sutton is getting a thicker skin, just in time for her second season on RHOBH.  So how does the SUTTON boutique owner describe her fashion? “I love couture – and couture is all about slow fashion and meticulous detail,” she told Page Six during her Cashmere & Caviar party last week in LA.  “It doesn’t translate to a lot of people.  People don’t understand it all the time because it’s a little bit different – but I’m a little bit different,” Sutton added.

Sutton certainly stands by her decisions. The joke is on haters who tell her to, “fire [her] stylist,” because the RHOBH star doesn’t have one. She credits her character traits as a Virgo for her confidence in those decisions.

Sutton explained, “I am my stylist.  I style myself and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Only because if I don’t love it, then I’m not going to feel comfortable.  I don’t like people telling me what to wear – or what to do in general- because I’m an earth sign.  So I’m grounded and I don’t need anybody to do that for me.”

The ex-wife to Christian Stracke built up her enviable wardrobe from shopping trips to Europe. She’s expressed a “fetish” for Dolce & Gabbana tiaras along with other high-end labels.  The former dancer has displayed her most stellar pieces during Met Gala events. She’s also gone casual in a sundress and cowboy boots for the Stagecoach country music festival.  Indeed, Sutton’s experience with the fine arts has shaped her fashion choices today.

Sutton said, “I’m an artist.  I’ve always been an artist. I was a dancer, always ripping up my tights and cutting my leotards.  I was also a choreographer.  Now I’m just choreographing my own life and fashion is a big part of my choreography.  I want people to know that it’s OK to be quirky and help them understand that you can express yourself however you want to.”

Sutton is now sharing her vision by launching a line of casual cashmere separates at her store in West Hollywood. The products, made of fine Italian yarns and produced locally in LA, can also be bought online.  She calls the line, “a huge labor of love.”

“When I opened the store, I wanted to do cashmere immediately,” Sutton revealed, “Then we got into the pandemic, so things just got all mixed up and delayed.  I had no idea just how hard this was going to be, but I’m always up for a challenge.  Now that it’s finally here, I’m so excited and couldn’t be more proud of the line.”

“Decadently soft” T-shirts, sweaters, joggers, and dresses vary in price from $195 – $1,100. What is a customer getting for that price besides fashion? Sutton is selling “the idea of sustainability and slow fashion, that’s very important to me.  Adding to your closet instead of buying things and then tossing them out next year, it’s a really bad habit that we have as a society.”

According to the mother of three, her pieces will “co-exist beautifully” with couture. Sustainable spending is something Sutton wants to instill in her daughter Porter, and sons Philip and James. She said, “I’m trying to teach that to my children.  Things might cost more, but they last longer.”

Sutton’s cashmere line launch party was attended by a few RHOBH costars.  Garcelle Beauvais was on hand, as well as former nemesis Crystal.  “It feels great to have their support.  We three are a good team,” Sutton said of her friends.

Presumably, the ugly leather pants incident is water under the bridge. Let’s see what happens on the upcoming RHOBH season.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]