Sutton Stracke Regrets Interrupting Crystal Kung Minkoff; Calls It A “Big Lesson”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been killing it this season. Which I thought would be impossible after a few major season disappointments. But thanks to Erika Jayne’s legal problems, we have enough drama to last the entire season. But Erika isn’t the only one serving us entertainment this season. Promoted from friend- of Sutton Stracke and newbie Crystal Kung Minkoff’s feud took up the start of the season. And while they have since moved on, their drama has only been eclipsed by Erika.

To recap, the issue started when Crystal and Sutton came to blows on racial sensitivity on a girls trip to Lake Tahoe. It only went downhill from there when Sutton tried to make amends by bringing Crystal her coat. But she ended up coming into Crystal’s room unannounced. Crystal was winding down, completely naked. While the other women didn’t think this was such a big deal, Crystal did. She was adamant that Sutton violated her. A term that Sutton didn’t take to kindly too. Fighting ensued, leather pants were called ugly. The two really seemed like they just couldn’t stand each other.

But now Sutton is revealing that she has some regrets about what went down. As reported by People, Sutton made an appearance on the podcast Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef. Regarding the race conversation, Sutton admitted, “Well, of course, I regret interrupting Crystal. It’s a huge regret and it doesn’t represent who I am as a person. I’m just very sorry for that moment, and it was not a proud moment for me. I think to learn that humility was a big lesson for me.” She agreed that she “really made a mistake” on that one.


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Sutton continued, “Now, I’ve watched it a couple of times and, you know, I just should’ve been quiet. I was talking and I interrupted her and I shouldn’t have done it. And even the next morning, I still kept talking and I just needed to be quiet and just listen, because what she was saying, I completely agree with. And I just should have let her say it.” Sutton finished, “I just hope the viewers get to hear what she has to say.”

As for why the feud happened in the first place, Sutton acknowledged that she “can be difficult to get to know” and can “be shy.” She explained, “Because I’m shy, I act in a strange way, a little bit. And some people can’t adjust to that as quickly, so that can be part of it. And I think maybe [it’s the] same for her. I think, maybe, she’s a bit shy as well. So it took us longer to get to know each other than the other girls.”

As for Crystal’s assertion that Sutton “violated” her, Sutton said of her words, “I think that it is all relative.” She went on to say,”If that’s how she felt, then that’s how she felt. And I have to respect that. I’ve apologized many times and then we have to move on.”


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Following criticism from viewers, Sutton ultimately posted an apology to Crystal to her Instagram. In it, she said, “Despite Crystal and my strained relationship at the time, it was disrespectful to interrupt her and not listen to her express her truth. My life is blessed by the diversity of my relationships and I am committed to become a better listener to understand the painful realities experienced by people of color. I am sorry. I will do better and be better.”
I like both of them. So here’s hoping these two can move forward and leave the drama to Erika for the rest of the season.