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Teddi Mellencamp Says Husband Edwin Arroyave Did Not Install Dorit Kemsely’s Security System

In one of the most shocking and sobering moments in Real Housewives history, viewers saw camera footage of the burglary at Dorit Kemsley’s house.  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and her two children had just returned from a wedding in London, when the violent break-in occurred.  Her husband PK Kemsley had stayed behind for work.  Thankfully, no one was hurt, but Dorit was reeling from the emotional trauma during the RHOBH Season 12 premiere.

No one could fault Dorit for that.  She was held at gunpoint and feared for her life and those of her children.  It was an incident that shocked Dorit’s costars, (save for Sutton Stracke) and shattered her family. The emotion onscreen was palpable, and RHOBH viewers were moved by Dorit’s plight.

Along with messages of support came questions about Dorit’s security system.  By a strange turn of events, Dorit and PK had just installed a new system, and it was not turned on the night of the robbery.  The mother of two revealed that because her children could activate motion sensors if they went downstairs during the night, she decided not to turn the system on that night.

The speculation mill churned out the rumor that former RHOBH star Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave’s husband Edwin Arroyave installed Dorit’s security system.  Some went as far as to accuse Dorit of lying about deactivating the system to cover for Edwin’s security company.

Perhaps this scenario came into being because Edwin had installed security at Kyle Richard’s home.  Shortly thereafter, Kyle’s house was robbed while the family was on holiday.

However, Teddi has now confirmed that Dorit and PK did not use Edwin’s company. The All In founder took to social media recently to deny the claims.  One follower asked her, “It was my understanding that it was not Edwin’s company that installed Dorit’s security system. Can you confirm that?” Teddi succinctly replied, “It was not.”

In a following Tweet, Teddi added, “To be clear, Edwin did not do Dorit’s alarm or security system.  So Twitter can take a breath.”

What happened to Dorit and her family was a terrible, terrible occurrence.  One could speculate that the situation could have been avoided if different decisions were made that night, but that’s neither helpful now nor relevant.  Most importantly, Dorit and her children were unhurt.  And surely, if there was some negligence on the part of the security company, that would have come to light in the news already.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]