Noella Bergener Thinks Her Real Housewives Co-Stars Are Jealous Of Her Agony

Noella Bergener might be keeping her orange after all. Despite only hearing rumors (from Kelly Dodd no less) about casting, it seems that Noella is positioning herself for a redemption season. It happens a lot in Housewives – a rookie comes in and we all hate them. But by season 2, they have somehow won us over. Which may or may not be the case with Noella, but she is out here doing the work to expose her castmates off screen. In other words, she’s drumming up publicity.

Noella recently told Page Six of her first season, “It’s a weird world to be in. Like, my agony – people were almost jealous of it.” She points to the multiple times that her castmates accused her of being self centered on her own struggles without listening to theirs. Which were….ummm….what struggles did any of the other RHOC women face this season? Outside of Dr. Jen Armstrong’s marital issues? What am I missing?

On top of making history as the first Black and openly bisexual woman on RHOC, Noella faced scrutiny for her personal tragedies. Her husband left her, her child was diagnosed with a disability and her father died. All within the months before and during filming. She recalled, “The crazy thing was, a lot of times some of these conversations were shut down, which is infuriating. Like, I’m grieving my active divorce and being shut down by women.”

Noella continued, “These other women are suddenly judging me because, like, three months ago my husband just left and I have a feeling about that that day. How dare I not be done with that already and just stop with my annoying feelings and emotions!”

According to Noella, she came into this season with high hopes, especially when it came to Heather Dubrow. She noted, “I was probably the number one [fan] looking forward to Heather Dubrow. I was so pumped. I was so excited I DMed her like, ‘OMG I’m dead this is going to be so much fun!’”

Yeah, not so much. The two came to some serious blows when Noella accused Heather of pushing a crew member. All of her castmates sided against her. But she found some validation in an unlikely place – Kelly and Tamra Judge. The two former RHOC housewives recently took to the Jeff Lewis Live podcast and backed up Noella’s story. Straight from the producer Heather allegedly pushed!

Kelly called in to share, “You know [former producer] Thomas Kelly called all of us. And he said, to every single one of us…to Shannon [Beador], me..I don’t know what he said to you, Tamra. But I think he said the same thing. He said that Heather Dubrow did push him. That Terry [Dubrow] did push him against the wall. He said that Heather Dubrow is diabolical and that everyone was scared of her.”

Kelly and Tamra might be the biggest pot-stirrers of all time but this is definitely some tea. Kelly went on to explain what she believes to be an effort to protect Heather and Terry. She stated, “We all collectively think that [the production company for RHOC] Evolution was the one that was protecting the Dubrows.” I know Kelly and Tamra love to stir the pot, but I am living for this conspiracy theory.

So is this setting Noella up for a season of  vindication? Probably not but this will be a continued battle if both Noella and Heather come back. In the meantime, Noella revealed that her divorce has been finalized. She’s still waiting on custody and spousal support decisions but she’s free to look for love again. Which she’s doing on, which was previously known as SeekingArrangement. The same site where she met her ex. Noella said she’s going to give the site another try because she believes in their dedication to “dating up.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]